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1776 by Jaret Grossman

In light of July 4, here is an audio in honor of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that made this country what it is today. 1776 by Jaret Grossman Would love to know your feedback on this track. When I was on YouTube, I would do audio/videos like this. It gained an audience, chalking […]

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App Development Process

The app development process with the JARBLY team is thorough, personalized and smooth. We hope you will choose JARBLY for your app development project needs. Phase 1: Discovery First, we understand the exact specifications and requirements of the app. This is where we create a flow base. Phase 2: Mock-up Completion Once we understand the […]

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Web Development Process

The website development process with the JARBLY team is thorough, personalized and smooth. We hope you will choose JARBLY for your website development project needs. Phase 1: Discovery First, we explore the exact specifications and requirements of your desired website. You provide us with details and we utilize sample websites you have shared as reference […]

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Game Development Life Cycle and Process

If you are considering building a game, here are the steps to consider: 1) Planning This is the stage where we will be defining the concept of the game, what is the purpose, who is the audience on which platforms it will be released. This is where we have to determine what resources are required […]

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Negotiating a Sale

We are always working for our client and while we have tremendous experience maximizing our position, we never forget that we are the client’s liaison throughout this process. While we sometimes feel a business is overvalued or undervalued and we will guide our client, we always defer that ultimate decision to them. When an offer […]

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Listing your Business for Maximum Value

Asset Determination First, we start with what you’re looking to accomplish. If you are selling your business, we take a look at all of the assets and the basic financials. After we provide a valuation, we start our marketing approach and produce a proposal that will make your business jump off the page. Maximize Value […]

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Proper Materials to Generate a Sale

Listing Price: Depends on Revenue, Income, Transition, Automated Process, etc. Approximate # of Touchpoints with Potential Buyers: Depends on Price, Attractiveness of Offer, and Industry Potential Buyer: Depends on Industry When preparing a listing not only do we need a teaser and NDA, but we also need a properly prepared prospectus showcasing the appeal of […]

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Raising Capital

If you are raising money for your business it is important to showcase the key levers your business does efficiently that if the investment came in, you will quickly and swiftly be able to deploy the resources in those key levers to scale your business and provide a valuable return for your investors. Some Investors […]

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Website Optimization

A visitor generally decides within 3 – 10 seconds if they will continue to stay on your website. This is why page speed is so critical to a functioning website. Here is an example of a website we transformed from a F rating to an A rating for page speed score: In order to increase […]

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