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How to Scale Your Business

How to Scale Your Business

Here are ways to scale your business to a multiple.

#1 – Buy more leads in a very strategic way.

Right now look at how much you are spending on leads per day, per month.

This can easily be scaled upward.

It’s just a matter of understanding what is working.

You don’t want to take gambles on your business.

You don’t want to ramp up on methodologies you think will work.

It’s important to test multiple things and see what works.

Once something works, you want to buy more.

You don’t bet a high % of your net worth on that one thing, but you continue to ramp up what is working.

#2 – In order to handle the increase in volume, you will need additional sales reps who can spend more time with the leads and follow up.

Douglas and I spend currently 10 – 15 hours per week on the phone and through email prospecting with clients. That will substantially increase.

Doug and I don’t spend as much time on older leads as much as we should.

You will want sales reps working off of commission who can do very strong prospecting with hot leads when they come in using our proprietary method, and staying on top of them for the next 4-6 weeks. As well as focusing on staying on top of and communicating with old leads.

Most hot leads decide within 6 weeks, some as soon as 1 week but you will want to continue to have conversations with them until they are ready.

Websites = quicker sales

Apps = longer sales cycle because of bigger money

#3 – Streamline Proposal Drafting, Quotes, Pricing

You will want to streamline the proposal drafting process.

For instance, if you are sending a quote and then a contract, you might want to consider a more standardized dual purpose proposal quote / contract with terms.

If your turnaround time is longer than ideal, you want to reduce that time down.

You will want a method to get proposals out within 30 minutes to one hour to people interested, and in many businesses pricing should be done on the spot.

The more time you wait

#4 – Automate Processes

You will want to automate the processes a bit.

Whatever you doing manually, 80% of it generally can be automated. You just need to figure out how.

There are all kinds of online tools to use to help automate tasks you are doing manually.

#5 – Build a bigger internal team

You want to build out an internal team or leverage a firm that has quality people.

Whatever your business is, you probably need sales people, marketers, designers and devs who can churn out quick work and be faster on revisions so you can handle a 10x client volume – the process of making them satisfied will want to be streamlined.

Focus on hiring 2-3 additional designers and 2-3 additional full time developers to handle the increase in clients.

#6 – Automate the sales process by building out funnels

Create unique value offers and unique propositions that are out of the box offers with upsells.

We created a very lucrative funnel with one of our fitness brands. It was aimed at a $97 core product with upsells.

I would recommend a $997 core product with various upsells including a $4997 upsell that gets them in to the door of the company.

#7 – Focus on larger enterprise clients

Focus on selling $100k – $1m enterprise solutions and apps.

Use ZoomInfo for prospecting.

#8 – Create a few other products and services such as monthly SEO

Social media management.

#9 – Start advertising on google AdWords and social media marketing

Run google ad campaigns.

Run Facebook ads.

Use TikTok Influencers.

#10 – Implement email marketing automation systems

When someone opts in create two sequences.

Short term nurture. Hit them hard and fast.

Long term nurture. Stay in touch.

Can elaborate more on the effectiveness of these.

#11 – Run YouTube Training Videos

We built up 100k YouTube subscribers on our channel. This is a tremendous audience that brought In 30 million views.

A way to build a big following is give Great advice.

We would run a TV show discussing what makes a great website and app.

We would talk design, development, marketing, business etc.

#12 – Implement partnerships with other digital agency and marketing companies

Work together with companies that have similar non competing products and services to share clients with. You take their clients to build websites and apps for them while they take your clients and you get a referral fee.   

#13 – Implement a better system with old clients

Create a better review and referral program.

Get them to buy additional services, support packages, etc.

Offer incentives.

Put them in email marketing sequences.

Stay in touch with them better.

Send gifts and cards on their birthdays etc.

#14 – Additional Marketing

Trade shows.



Host booths and give trainings on consulting.

Website and app Bootcamps.

Sell a major offer at the end of the trainings.

#15 – Bring Aboard a Consultant

You want to bring aboard a consultant that can help you with all these aspects.

The reality is most businesses have poor execution or are undercapitalized.

You want to avoid some mistakes.

The best way to get started is for us to schedule a brief phone call and we can provide immediate results. Then, we can choose to work together in a longer capacity through weekly/monthly calls, immersions and other protocols.

We really look forward to understanding your use case and why you are looking for a consultant.

One of our esteemed colleagues would love the opportunity to chat with you. We are really a low-pressure firm. We are here to introduce a new way of looking at things and ultimately, drive value to your business right away. Our aim is results. Short term, Medium term, and Long term. Which can be done right away on our first call.

We look forward to working together with you.

Please feel free to email us to see how we can help and to see if we are a good fit.

The best thing is for us to hop on a one hour call after you fill out a questionnaire that helps us understand what’s going on with your business and you, personally.

This allows us to understand what is going on and we will provide tremendous value from the onset with your goals and where you are at with the box truck business.

We will go over the quickest path to getting launched. The goal is to simplify the processes so you are not overwhelmed by the decisions by understanding what works when it comes to getting leads (traffic, advertisement, buying leads, partnering, etc.), converting those leads and delivering the services/products you ultimately sell.

If you would like to hop on a call with us to go over things related to business, please schedule a time here. We do a one hour deep dive where we go over your needs as it relates to business expansion.

To get started with business consulting, hire us:

Phone – (800) 773-1523

Email – consulting@jarbly.com

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