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Month: February 2021

The Netflix Model

The Netflix Model Netflix has really taken over the movie and television entertainment experience. Market research from Blockbuster showed that people liked seeing the back of VHS’s and DVD’s – I know I did. But the real reason why Netflix won was because of their unbeatable price. $7.99/ month (now, they’ll go up to $10.99). […]

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The Success Behind Starbucks

The Success Behind Starbucks Starbucks is a global iconic brand. Howard Schultz started the now incredible coffee chain from a single store in Seattle, which was owned by separate owners, and turned it into the most recognizable coffee shop in the world. What is the secret to their success? Inexpensive Status. “JARET, WHAT DO YOU […]

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Marketing Using Free Giveaways

Marketing Using Free Giveaways A free book, PDF, video, or other piece of content is a great way to draw in your audience. However, physical products that you give away are far better than digital ones. Why? People like to hold things in their hands. They like to touch, feel, and see. The internet is […]

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Do Discounts Work?

Do Discounts Work? Of course they do. But…and this is a HUGE BUT… You will tarnish the luxurious presence of your brand if you do them too often. Everyone wants a deal…but your brand will weaken nearly every time you do it, unless your brand is centered around the idea of discounting, in which case […]

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How HBO Has Stayed Relevant

How HBO Has Stayed Relevant How has HBO stayed relevant despite Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Video dominating? One word. Quality. “More is not better. Better is better.” Wise words. Quality trumps quantity. Speed is a necessary component of this digital age, but what’s more powerful are really great pieces of content. Why? The next […]

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Example of Pull Marketing

Example of Pull Marketing Here is a great example of pull marketing. You want to make it subtle. This isn’t an advertisement. This is an image that has a tendency to be liked by lots of people and could potentially go viral, if enough people resonate with the message and share it. You want there […]

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How to Build an App

How to Build an App The first step to creating an app is creating the wireframe. This is constructing the flow and layout of the app and how each screen will look and the feel associated with the technology you are wishing to distribute. Determining how each screen interacts with each other is highly important […]

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Must Know Tips for Hiring an Employee

Must Know Tips for Hiring an Employee When hiring an employee, it is so important to understand two things about them. Can they take orders AND can they think independently. This is HUGELY important. These two concepts seem like polar opposites, and that’s why it’s so important to really understand if they can juxtaposition these […]

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Transition and Support when Selling or Buying a Business

Transition and Support when Selling or Buying a Business Here are some tips you want to take into account after the completion of your business sale. In order to make for a smooth transaction, you want the handover and transition period to be as smooth as possible. How-To Documentation First, you want to prepare some documentation […]

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Example of a P&L

When selling a business, it is very important to have something called a Profit and Loss statement prepared by your accountant. Most buyers of a business look for 3 year P & L’s. This should include your gross sales, your profit, your exact expenses, and net income. We know how to leverage your profit and […]

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