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Month: October 2022

Drafting Proper Purchase Agreements

There are three basic types of purchase agreements related to 90%+ of business acquisitions. Real Estate Purchase Agreement Asset Purchase Agreement Stock Purchase Agreement Obviously, a real estate purchase agreement is just relating to the real estate or land that is being acquired, which is a separate transaction. This will involve 1 or 2 realtors […]

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Exiting Your Business Fast

Sometimes running a business is hard. Sometimes someone wants out because they can’t do it anymore. Financially. Emotionally. Work-Life Balance. Other Obligations. Personal Issues Logistical Issues. If this is the case you need to look at it from the lens of timelines. Can you plot and plan strategically and wait several months to a year? […]

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How to Properly Counter Offer

A buyer when expressing interest in a property will often feel out the situation with the broker or seller. They then will place an offer, which could come relatively quickly. A buyer will sometimes buy time with due diligence but if they’re interested a lot of offers usually come soon after they get the materials […]

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Buying a Business that is Operational with Inventory

Buying a business that is operational, especially with inventory, has several things to consider. First off, if you are valuing the business with or without inventory, the price can change drastically on a deal. Specifically in the seller’s eyes, they want to cover their costs they paid for inventory. There are two separate valuations you […]

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The Art of a Deal

A deal comes down to two parties agreeing. A seller wants out but wants max value, generally. A buyer generally wants the best deal possible unless they have been on the other side and have a compassion that is rare. Just understanding those two things we are apart in nature. The art of a deal […]

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Arranging a Call with the Seller

Many times, we get requests from prospects to speak with the seller directly. There are three kinds of prospects we deal with, in general, who ask for this request; and there are two lenses which we work from. Obviously if we are representing the seller or the buyer, the approach will be slightly different, but […]

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Inventory as Part of the Sale

If you’re selling a business you might have many assets that buyers would be interested in. Machinery, equipment, inventory, raw materials, goods, contracts, purchase orders, prints, patterns, patents, IP rights, software, accounts receivables, etc. In some cases you may have a tax carry forward or carbon credits or other creative asset structures that can benefit […]

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Should I Lower the Price to Get a Sale

If you have a listing, you may ask yourself what asking price is my sweet point. Most businesses take months to sell. During the weeks and months of selling your business, and talking to prospects you might get a little anxious to sell. That is completely normal and natural. When ascertaining if the price is […]

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Benefits and Drawback of Acquiring Businesses

There are obvious advantages and some disadvantages to an acquisition. If you are taking over a good business, you’ll have great cash flow. When buying a business, you are typically buying yourself something that provides a major benefit to you.   Besides the usual profit and/or loss of the acquisition itself, comes the taxes and […]

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Reviewing Financials on an Acquisition

When you are viewing financials of a company, there are five sets of financials you want to take a look at. P&L – You want to take a look at some historical and recent P&L’s where the line items are broken down so you can see what is producing revenue, and specifically what expenses are […]

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