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Month: February 2023

Email Automations

Email automations can really help your business. You want to stay in touch with customers and this a great way to do it. You want to focus on two aspects. Short term campaigns and long term campaigns. Short term – Focus on hitting the lead hard during the first 30 days. An email every day […]

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Scaling a Business through 4 Layers

There are several ways to scale a business that is already running. Presence People Systems Products/Services These are the premises of business. There are a lot of ways to go about how to increase each of these 4 layers. Presence – This focuses on opening up more locations, running ads, or both. People – Hire […]

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How to Scale Your Business

Here are ways to scale your business to a multiple. #1 – Buy more leads in a very strategic way. Right now look at how much you are spending on leads per day, per month. This can easily be scaled upward. It’s just a matter of understanding what is working. You don’t want to take […]

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Starting a Business

When starting a business there are a few things to go through. Business Formation Business formation is the first step. LLC vs C-Corp vs S-Corp There are several ways to form a business and it depends on your goals. Liability, taxes, whether you have shareholders, etc. What state do you form in? In your state […]

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Three Ways to Grow Your Business

There’s three ways to grow your business. Market your current products; OR Build something new and innovative; OR Acquire another business that has cash flow and absorb it. Marketing is difficult to ascertain if it will work. Building something new or innovative may work or it may not work. These two options will also cost […]

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Creating Goals, Setting To Do Lists, and Scheduling Tasks

There is a lot of advice on productivity. The main piece of advice I can give on such after working with thousands of people, is that different strategies as it pertains to daily to-do schedules will work for different people. There is no one secret to creating wants, to-do’s, tasks, scheduling your calendar, etc. Some […]

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Frustration with Buyers and Tire Kickers

If you are selling your business, you might be frustrated with buyers and tire kickers, and some low ball offers. This makes the selling process that much harder on you when you are trying to get out immediately. You might be hemming and hawing whether you should sell or not. Here’s what you have to […]

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Providing Secretive Info When Selling

Demonstrating information like tax returns and bank statements is sort of a prerequisite when selling a business. However, you want to hold back a lot of info when you are selling the business. You want to wait until due diligence period. Generally, we don’t send a lot of secretive info until there is an LOI […]

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Settling Up Taxes When Selling a Business

When selling a business, the buyer during due diligence may ask amongst other things, licenses, trademark verification, and tax returns on the business. Nothing construed herein is tax advice which you will want to consult a CPA for such, but this acquisition advice to help you close a deal. Let’s say it’s February and you […]

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Selling When you Have a Partner

There’s two ways to approach a business sale when you have a partner. Tell your partner right out of the gate to see if your partner wants out, or wait to tell your partner. In most ways, you need the consent of your partner to sell a business. Whether that’s minority or majority partner. You […]

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