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#70 – Shifting Your Inner Belief

#70 – Shifting Your Inner Belief

Your brain is like a circuit switch. Do you remember in the movie Unknown, with Liam Neeson? There’s a scene with Neeson where he’s fighting this dude and he’s getting his tail kicked for five minutes. And then all of a sudden, he regains his memory and he finally realizes that he’s an assassin. And then it just clicks inside him and he remembers everything and breaks the dude in half. Right? As fictional as this movie is, this really isn’t made up. Once you believe you are something, you actually embody it, you embody that feeling. If you were, God forbid, in a coma, and you woke up and you didn’t really have a memory and you were told that you used to be a Navy Seal. Do you think you’d conduct yourself differently?


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