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We have several assets for sale. These are businesses we have focused on to build, to put them in position to scale so you can really take advantage of them. Jarbly typically looks to bring ideas to market that have low barriers to entry at first, and then positions it to be difficult to replicate by creating a technological gap or some novelty such as a patent or substantial resources to dwarf efforts by competitors. Look below to see some opportunities you can take advantage of.

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Take a look at some of our offerings below.

Fitness Leads, Products

Fitness Company

Offer – Fitness Company Assets
Use the enormous amount of fitness leads and social media presence to sell your products to. Also includes workout programs, supplements, and funnels.

Portfolio Includes:

  • Domain Name/Website – 80k Unique Visitors/mo.
  • All content—Hundreds of Articles, Training and Nutrition and Marketing Videos, Featured on Major Publications like Sports Illustrated, Elite Daily
  • Supplement Brands – 50% Rev Share Pre-Workout with 50+ Active Subscriptions, Hundreds of Protein Units in Stock
  • Motivational Workout Music – Future royalties – Two #1 iTunes Albums in Fitness Workout Category (5+ Million Streams)
  • 1.4+ Million Facebook Fans
  • 194k+ Instagram Followers
  • 11K YouTube Subscribers
  • Private Facebook Group — 80k+ Fitness Enthusiasts, Growing by 2k Members Every Month, Collects Several Hundred Emails Per month
  • 33% Partnership on – Partners with Obi Obadike who’s been featured on the cover of dozens of magazines
  • – 7 Days to a Better Body – Workout Program
  • 340,000+ Email List Included in Sale – High Conversion Rate – Roughly 10% Converted on a $97+ Product

Transition Includes: 

  • Transferring Domain Name, Funnels, Social Media Ownership, Email Files, Accounts, Supplements, etc.
  • Training and Support for 3 Months
  • Consulting on Future Goals
  • Re-Labeling Pre-Workout Supplement, if necessary

Asking Price: $174,900

Award-Winning Funnel

MP45 Workout Program

Offer – Digital Workout Program
Use this award-winning funnel and workout program for a consistent profit stream and suck fitness customers in to your products.

Portfolio Includes:

  • Two Comma Club Funnel
  • Generated Over $2.8MM in revenue over the last 3 years
  • 35k Customers, 340K Email Opt-Ins to the Funnel
  • Domain Name/Website 12k Unique Visitors/Month
  • All content— Videos and Images to use for Advertising
  • Digital Workout Program – 45 Day Workout Challenge and Meal Plan
  • Member Site
  • 500k Facebook Fans
  • 40,000 Instagram Followers
  • MP1 Unlaunched Program as a $7 Product to Ladder People Up and Suck in Leads
  • MP45 Video Library – Upsell Product
  • MP45X System – Upsell Product
  • 50% Rev Share Pre-Workout Supplement – Upsell
  • Gym Genie Workout Generator – Technology to Gives You an Algorithmic Workout Based on Selecting Body Parts and Length of Time You Want to Workout
  • Email Marketing Sequence Fully in Place to Convert on Opt-Ins Using Active Campaign
  • 340,000+ Email List Included in Sale – Opted in to Domain Name above

Transition Includes: 

  • Transferring Domain Name, Funnels, Social Media Ownership, Email Documents, Accounts, etc.
  • Training and Support for 3 Months
  • Consulting on Future Goals
  • Building MP1, if necessary
  • Relabeling Pre-Workout Supplement, if necessary

Asking Price: $199,999


Restaurant App to Collect Leads

Tastes - Restaurant Swipe App

Offer – Restaurant App (iOS, Android)
Use this app to collect leads and monetize off of actions users take such as restaurant reservations, delivery, transportation to restaurants, etc.

The Premise:

An app we have built and are now looking to market is Tastes, which is basically like Bumble, the dating app, but for food.

Swipe to find a great restaurant.

In our beta release, we have approx. 10,000 downloads and 5 star reviews across the board.

Looking to sell to someone in the restaurant or food industry who can use Tastes as a directory to collect leads.

Transition Includes:

  • Current Owners will redesign the app with a modern, more sleek look
  • Current Owners would like to remain as partners who can continue to be the developers, add more features and market the product.

Asking Price: $80K for 30% Ownership

Fitness Funnel and Product for Pregnant Mothers

Healthy Mom Handbook

Offer – Fitness Program for Pregnant Mothers
Partner with elite fitness model Nicole Moneer, who is an international fitness celebrity and proud mother. Use this system as a way to funnel prospects into a system that walks pregnant mothers through exactly how to safely keep off pregnancy weight and how to get in the best shape of their lives post-pregnancy. Then, sell them on other pregnancy products once they are hooked into the HMH brand.

The Premise:

There are a lack of pregnancy products in the fitness/nutrition category. The Healthy Mom Handbook will be the premier product in this space.

Healthy Mom Handbook is primed for explosive growth similar to MP45.

Women may spend hundreds to thousands of dollars by seeing doctors, personal trainers, “pregnancy specialists”, etc. all in hopes of a healthier and safer childbirth. This system solves all this for them.

We suggest targeting women from areas with higher income levels (for example: New York City or Beverly Hills). We suggest selling this with a $500+ price tag. According to research, there are approximately 6.3 million pregnant women in the U.S. at any given time.

About half of American adults lived in middle-income households in 2014, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data. In percentage terms, 51% of adults lived in middle-income households, 29% in lower-income households and 20% in upper-income households.

From this, we can conclude that around 20% of those 6.3 million pregnant women are from upper-income households.

That means there are approximately 1.3 million pregnant women in our target market (not including women who are trying to/want to become pregnant, which could be much higher).

If you reach just 10% of these women through online advertising, that’s 130,000 wealthy pregnant women.

If you can convert just 1% of those 130,000 women into a sale, that’s 1,300 sales x $500 price = $650,000 in sales.


Portfolio Includes:

  • Multi-step to capture information even before sale to build email list, Mobile responsive.
  • Similar Funnel to which brought in 300,000+ emails and 30,000+ Customers.
  • User receives access to 8 sections on a Member Site that Includes workout instructionals, written text, and videos from Nicole explaining the program.
  • Upsells include live coaching, where the customer can talk directly to Nicole 1-on-1.
  • 60,000+ Followers of Facebook Page (Healthy Mom Handbook)
  • 150+ Members on Facebook Group (All Things Pregnancy)
  • Fully Built Out Email Campaigns Segmented Based on Pre- Pregnancy, Pregnancy, and Post-Pregnancy.
  • Sales Scripts Formulated
  • Doctor Approval & Testimonials

Transition Includes:

  • Training and Support included for 3 months
  • Nicole Moneer will provide content, help build your social presence, do interviews, and be the face of your product and any other products you want in exchange for 30% of net profit


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