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How to Build an App

How to Build an App

How to Build an App

The first step to creating an app is creating the wireframe. This is constructing the flow and layout of the app and how each screen will look and the feel associated with the technology you are wishing to distribute. Determining how each screen interacts with each other is highly important to make sure.

The next step is to create the graphics. There are many platforms you can use but Adobe Photoshop is by far and away the best. You must set the proper dimensions to format to the device you wish to create the app for. Again, each screen must have the proper flow and design to ensure the app’s functionality and the screens you create must be accessible through each screen you are developing. That means allowing access through a menu navigation, back button and various other call to action elements that bring you to the desired screen.

Then, we must code everything and we can do this through various software programs. It really depends on the type of app you are building, and obviously the device you are looking to build it for. For instance, we rely upon Swift sometimes for iOS and Ruby on Rails which is a web framework.

For this particular app, we use a technology called Flutter. Flutter works on both iOS and Android “natively”.

First we would use Flutter to declaratively specify elements of a screen. So, we would take the design, and understand “This part is going to require 3 elements: in a horizontal row – an icon, some text and a button”.

If we think that’s going to be a commonly repeated part, we will then separate it into a reusable “widget”, otherwise,  it’ll be declared as part of the page.

So, we must declare elements on the page through the code directly, or possibly encapsulate the code into widgets, in order to match the design.

Flutter uses the “declarative through code” style described above, so all pages would be written through custom code (using a combination of Widgets that either come “out-of-the-box” from the Flutter framework, or widgets that we hand-write ourselves depending upon the complexity of the format).

Finally, once we are done coding with everything, we would create marketing materials required for submission. We would submit it to Apple and Android for review. Upon submission, they will check the flow, the functionality, and make sure the app follows their guidelines rules and policies. Once Apple and Android approve, then customers will be able to download the apps in their respective store.

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