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Inventory as Part of the Sale

Inventory as Part of the Sale

If you’re selling a business you might have many assets that buyers would be interested in.

Machinery, equipment, inventory, raw materials, goods, contracts, purchase orders, prints, patterns, patents, IP rights, software, accounts receivables, etc.

In some cases you may have a tax carry forward or carbon credits or other creative asset structures that can benefit a new buyer.

These are all things that have a value.

What you have to decide as a business owner exiting is what is necessary to keep the business going and what isn’t.

The general rule of thumb is if you need to make an exit because the business is a headache or tough to run, get out and give up everything that goes with it. If you’re exiting to maximize value, then start doing a sell-off of assets that are not integrate to the business. Start doing a wind down by collecting on accounts receivables, and squeezing out as much short term profit as possible without compromising dollar amount on a sale, while you look for a strategic buyer.

This includes getting customers to buy as much as possible, giving discounts, unloading unwanted inventory, incentivizing sales and collections, and trimming down expenses that are bolstering long term growth that you won’t necessarily see.

Your assets are worth something that you want to really try to itemize by understanding fair market value of each. A package deal will rarely maximize value for the seller. It will maximize value for the buyer, however the strength to a package deal comes when you are strapped for time and resources and cannot fetch individual buyers for each asset.

Its not easy to find a buyer of old heavy equipment sometimes or someone who wants your accounts receivable that’s aged several months or years.

Find the sweet spot based on your timeline.


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