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  • September 14, 2019

Partner with us for an incredible joint venture.

Jarbly typically looks to bring ideas to market that have low barriers to entry at first, and then positions it to be difficult to replicate by creating a technological gap or some novelty such as a patent or substantial resources to dwarf efforts by competitors.

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Partnership opportunities 
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Partnership Opportunity

TaskChat – Project Management Software

TaskChat is a task management and instant-messaging project management platform for businesses.

It allows for task management and team communication similar to Slack ($9 Billion Valuation), Asana ($800 Million Valuation), and Basecamp.

If you use any of these tools you know how helpful they can be, but you also know how they can be improved upon. That’s why we created TaskChat!
Partnership Opportunity

The Initiation – Music Album

Jaret Grossman who has racked up 30 million YouTube views is producing a third music album.

For more details, click the button below.
Partnership Opportunity

Tastes – Restaurant Swipe App

An app we have built and are now looking to market is Tastes, which is basically like Bumble, the dating app, but for food.

The premise – Swipe to find a great restaurant.

In our beta release, we have approx. 10,000 downloads and 5 star reviews across the board.
We have a redesign in the works, with monetization in place, but are looking for a partner first.
Partnership Opportunity

Scroll – Social Media App

Another project we are working on is Scroll. This is a social media platform. We recognize the flaws in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube while they’ve created some of the best platforms ever.

90% of people that show up on your news feed, you read and see what they have to say, but there is no real connection there.

You’d rather something else show up, but we still scroll – because there’s not many other platforms that have fresh, decent content from so many people on one place.

We are collaborating the data from all the platforms together into one app, and dissecting that data down to relevant content to show on your feed. Most people want info from celebrities, media sources, and they want to gain recognition as a “content creator” – the chance for their material to go viral. These are things we will be implementing using API technology and our talented developers and designers.
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