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Posting Yourself on Buyer Platforms to Sell

Posting Yourself on Buyer Platforms to Sell

Let’s just say you have the right materials which might be a stretch if you don’t have all the financials tee’d up and a high quality CIM that highlights the important questions a buyer needs answered.
You can post on business for sale websites, and field everything your self. We can discuss what that looks like to try to not do the exclusive with us. Three things usually come to mind.
  1. I’m speaking with the owner –> Therefore I can negotiate more because I have direct access.
  2. I’m speaking with the owner –> They don’t have representation for a million dollar business, why?
  3. I’m speaking with the owner –> Do they have the right documents in place for me to look at everything and analyze everything to see if I am interested and also during the deal, through due diligence, and at closing?
All those things play against you and saving 10% is a lot of money, but not more than what we can net you with the right buyers and the right creativity. I also can sync you in with someone who can do something creative so you net more from the proceeds of a sale.
Additionally, Time is important to you guys. We understand you want this sold yesterday.
Business for sale platforms is one way to draw in leads.
We do advertising on other platforms.
But it’s really our robust network, marketing machine, processes, and negotiating power and business savvy that helps close the deals who need a little nudge in the right direction.
Plus we have dozens of other listings and co-broker relationships. We have businesses that pour in Leads daily where we direct them to your business also.
It takes about 30-50+ conversations with qualified leads on a business for sale platform to actually do a deal, on average.
That’s after you send an nda, Send the materials, etc.
Have several conversations and follow up with them.
So it’s about how you get in front of 30-50+ legitimate buyers quickly. And get each one all the materials. And how you negotiate and position this to the hot buyers who do want to move and have the funds. And then negotiate with them once they are in. you know the drill being in this with a year. Unfortunately some of that time was wasted.
With a good business for sale listing, you’re looking at 3-6 months to get in front of that many legit people. Can you get lucky with the first 10 leads – perhaps, yes – but usually if it’s priced really right. To sell at a 4x – 5x multiple we need to position this properly. The key is to get you the cash all upfront.

I imagine that another broker you were with, or you even, posted on a business for sale platform.

You know posting on Amazon doesn’t lead to a sale. There’s a lot of other factors that you know in your business that the average person doesn’t. It’s more than one platform.

We know a lot in this space.

One email blast with us might bring in the right person.

One co-broker might have a client looking for your business.

We have similar businesses to yours listed. This will bring in leads for your business as well. Everyone will be pitched on not only that one, but yours as well, especially if they shrug off the other listing, we pounce on them with yours. That’s how we operate. Dozens of leads come in from dozens of businesses to us and they get pitched yours, not just one listing on a site. 

There must be some leads that you accrued yourself, strategically. We have done some deals with past opt-ins for instance. The key is presenting new information and seeing what changed in their process. Whether your prior broker has given those up to you,  there’s a way to work that in to this next chapter as well. 

We look forward to selling your business. That’s what we will work tirelessly on until it’s done.

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