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It does not matter whether you do a project for free, five dollars or a thousand dollars, the quality of your work should always be your best because it represents you. That is what I believe in, and that is what I aim towards each and every time. I am that guy that chose to write a post, edit a graphic and render a video just so I could enter an investment competition after it was already over, over studying for my exams. Guess who won? Words can inspire greatness or inflict pain which is why I make sure to inspire greatness. Whether through graphics or text, articles or blogs, videos or posters. They are all simply just a tool for transmitting text. I love writing about everything. That is how I develop as a human being, pushing myself outside of my circle, finding out new things, talking to new people. I love challenges, the adrenaline that comes with doing something new. It is like traveling.

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