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Web Optimization

Web Optimization

A visitor generally decides within 3-10 seconds if they will continue to stay on your website. This is why page speed is so critical to a functioning website.

Here is an example of a website we transformed from an F rating to an A rating for page speed score:

In order to increase page speed, we did several optimizations on Verdot Capital. Even with heavy video, heavy images and many sections, it loads in under 3 seconds.

We generally optimize websites on our server first so their website will not be down during the optimization. When we are finished implementing and testing the optimizations on our server, we implement them on the live website. Once we are done, we make sure that the website is functioning properly and looks exactly the same as before optimizations.

To speed up the website, we use premium plugins and also optimize the theme code to remove unnecessary CSS and js, and enable gzip compression, etc.

Depending on complexity, the timeline for completion is a few days. Pricing generally ranges from $400 – $1,500 and is dependent on how many factors we have to take into account and how robust the website is.

Contact us to do an analysis of your website at (800) 773-1523 or email projects@jarbly.com for the quickest response.