Jarbly Media Group is a full service media agency designed to not only create your online business needs including websites, graphics, and mobile apps but also includes a venture capital division bringing ideas to market.

Jarbly Media Group not only takes on countless innovations of its own such as the Tastes App to create revolutionary products and services such as Tastes and TaskChat, but is a rapidly expanding and service-first media enterprise that focuses on bringing businesses to profitability by offering unique perspectives and new innovations.

Ever since 2011, Jarbly Media Group has brought dozens of companies to the digital space and has taken on several businesses under its wing. Its portfolio includes Jaret Grossman Consulting, a Life Management and Business Consulting Company, and Muscle Prodigy, a premier health and fitness brand with millions of social media followers. Jaret Grossman, the founder of Jarbly Media Group, has racked up millions of views on YouTube through his mindset videos and business advice. Jaret used his expertise as a 3x All-American wrestler to create the popular workout program MP45 which has transformed tens of thousands of lives in terms of the way they approach fitness. Jaret is personally involved in every project that Jarbly takes on and will utilize his expertise in taking your business to the next level or personally investing in it, if he loves the idea enough.

Jarbly Media Group

Jarbly Media Group not only takes on countless innovations of its own to create revolutionary products and services that have garnered significant attention amongst the mainstream community, but is a rapidly expanding and service-first media enterprise that focuses on bringing businesses to profitability through its venture capital acquisitions and execution.

Jaret Grossman Consulting

Jaret Grossman Consulting is fully committed to serving your business consulting and life management needs. Jaret Grossman, J.D., has transformed thousands of lives around the globe with his famous 365 Video Series which was originally aired on YouTube, gaining over 100,000 subscribers. Jaret has experience with individuals just like you and he can take you to a world class level in all of your endeavors.

Muscle Prodigy

Muscle Prodigy is a health and fitness brand with a mission to change the way people think about dieting and working out. Starting out as a blog in 2008, they have have accumulated over 1.5 million social media fans and have worked with athletes such as Ronnie Coleman, Arian Foster, and Devin McCourty. Their popular MP45 workout program has become one of the most popular success stories in the fitness industry.

Tastes App

Unlike other websites or applications focused on finding restaurants in a large listing or through a search feature, Tastes brings the restaurants to you by offering you a swipe option based on the most important filter settings. While large listings can be overwhelming, Tastes provides you with easy control settings to help better find exactly what you're looking for so you can pick the right place. The technology is easy to use and user friendly where it will provide you with a carousel of restaurants based on a cuisine, designated radius, and price setting.


TaskChat is a revolutionary task management and team chat system connecting everyone within an organization under one platform. Instead of relying on employees to schedule tasks and meetings on their own, TaskChat allows mangers and business owners to create organizational teams, divisions, and departments to chat with their employees and assign tasks. Employees and independent contractors can connect with each other to chat and stay on top of deadlines and due dates. Not only is it easy to use, but it's mobile friendly and allows for seamless integration with other applications.


Trend is a real estate coaching business designed to get brokers, realtors, and real estate investors to understand the buying, flipping, and selling of homes and commercial properties.

Jarbly Media Group is focused on disruptive technologies in emerging markets. We primarily invest in start-ups and growth stage companies who have shown a bit of success, however, we do take on ideas from scratch as well if there is tremendous upside. We believe in being active partners for entrepreneurs who want to transform the way people use technology.