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Specializing in Acquisition Representation & Disruptive Ventures

JARBLY’s focus is on acquisitions, predominantly businesses with valuable assets and cash flow. As JARBLY has been heavily involved in the digital space including its own ventures for a decade with servicing hundreds of clients around the world, it is very well versed with understanding technical aspects of a deal including value proposition, product offerings, marketing, metrics, ROI, moats, and value-add initiatives. JARBLY has the ability to take advantage of all aspects of a business deal, and is very creative with structure to help bring in partners or plan a strategic exit. JARBLY has helped brands cultivate business related and real estate opportunities that are ripe for acquisition by helping buyers and sellers get what they are seeking from a deal.

Whether it comes to selling your business, acquiring one or forging a partnership opportunity, we understand deals and where the maximal value in a transaction is. Our bread and butter is to provide a win for our clients. We have the unique and uncanny ability to leverage our network and our sources of distribution to go out to the public to position your assets for a maximum sale. We draft and prepare materials such as Prospectuses, Confidential Information Memorandums, and high quality Value Proposition Decks which convey a message of value to attract high quality offers in the shortest time possible.

JARBLY looks forward to working with you on your next acquisition, digital exit, partnership, or real estate opportunity including both commercial and high end residential properties with high end service from a qualified team of passionate individuals that help you secure the deal.


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Acquisitions, Real Estate & Ventures

JARBLY can help you with your next acquisition or purchase. Whether it’s selling your business, finding a business that fits in your ecosystem, or finding a strategic partner, JARBLY can help.

JARBLY helps our clients buy businesses, sell businesses, and we assist you in maximizing profit. We are a team dedicated to handle your business transaction needs  and help you find thriving assets with business brokering and acquisitions.

We help you maximize the profit of your business and asset sale. We help you find an undervalued opportunity that fits your target profile.

The value of your business goes up when you have someone representing the sale and negotiating for you. Selling a business yourself decreases the valuation of your business/asset and leaves you vulnerable to more negotiation power on behalf of the buyers. You’re not just a number with us. JARBLY is different. We individualize the sale to make sure you’re taken care of. We prepare proposals based on your company documents & model financial projections. We acquire dozens of real leads per month per business we have, and we contact these leads immediately, follow up with them, text them, and email them to get them closer to making a decision. We stay in constant contact.

Please inquire about working with us regarding the following opportunities.

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Our Hand-Crafted Process to Produce Unparalleled Results

We know how to curate high quality listings and attract high net worth individuals interested in your deal.

We know how to generate traction on a listing through means of marketing openly or discretely, and we have thousands of high net worth individuals who we have developed relationships with to draw interest on a daily basis. While many firms focus on creating barriers to sell your business out of fear of wasting time, we have protocols in place to get as many offers as possible to help drive up the valuation and the proceeds. On the flip side, we know how to structure deals creatively for our buyers to help them feel secure.

Please take a look at our process to get a sneak peak into how we help our buyers and sellers maximize the deal.


An Example Of Our Story

Jarbly LLC is a conglomerate, created by Jaret Grossman who received his finance degree from Bryant University and law school degree from New York Law School. He was a 3x All-American Wrestler in undergrad, and created the popular workout program MP45 that transformed over 35,000 people with his business partner Richard Allen under the prominent fitness brand Muscle Prodigy (2.3 million Facebook/IG followers), which were both recently acquired by HGTV’s Income Properties creator Michael and Kendra Sarracini. Jaret’s media conglomerate JARBLY has built countless websites and apps for dozens of companies such as Tabayer.com, Verdotcapital.com, Savantgroupllc.com, SpecialMealsCompany.com, VitesseWorldwide.com, Stock Champs, and has started up many home grown ventures such as JARBLYU.com, TaskChat, and CharityBlock.com. The JARBLY team consists of a collective of passionate and creative individuals who understand the web, unique design, and marketing.

Websites and Apps

Gizmodo Apps of the Day

#1 iTunes Albums

YouTube Subscribers

Our Esteemed List of Some Strong Clients

Notable Press from Some Assets


Commercial Real Estate & High-End Residential Opportunities Predominantly in South FL

JARBLY teamed up with Trend Realty with Headquarters out of Sarasota, FL and footing in Palm Beach County and Broward County, FL to service high-end clients with their needs relating to commercial opportunities and high end residential. South FL is home to some of the nicest luxury buildings including the areas of Sunny Isles, Boca Raton, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Palm Beach. Please peruse our real estate division to see country club communities and high end luxury buildings throughout the fast growing area of South FL.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Buildings & Office Space
Land Ripe for Development
High-End Residential Buildings
Luxurious Country Clubs

Home Grown Ventures with Strong Aesthetics & Innovative Calls-to-Action

JARBLY acts as conglomerate that focuses on disruptive ventures. JARBLY will embark on predominantly digital based opportunities that are ubiquitous in nature.

We look for mainly four concepts with our ideas.

  1. Is it a ubiquitous nature, meaning nearly everyone can use it every day?
  2. Does it have low barriers to entry with a protection in place so people cannot steal the idea or replicate the service?
  3. Can it produce cash flow and does it have a low floor to generate cash flow quickly?
  4. Does it have a high ceiling and will investors flock to it?

We’d love to hear about your idea and whether you want to retain us to build it for you or if you’d like to partner together with us!

Our Ventures

Tastes Restaurant App

Muscle Prodigy

Jarbly U


Music Albums

Bonzai App Development

28 Minute Workout

Real Estate App

Healthy Mom Handbook

Stock Champs

Software Plugins



Consulting with a Growth Oriented Perspective

Jaret Grossman, the founder of JARBLY has been known for his videos on YouTube. He has had several #1 iTunes Albums with his prior health & fitness brand Muscle Prodigy and has garnered over 30 million views on YouTube for mindset and motivational entertainment videos. Jaret has coached dozens of high achieving professionals such as business owners, actors, financial analysts, world champions, poker stars, and more.


Potential Acquisition Opportunities

Mobile Apps


Ideas & Ventures




Manufacturing & Products

Business Services

Content & Education

Some Recent Listings

Take a look at some unique and attractive listings below that just came available.


Buy-Side & Sell-Side Acquisitions of Digital & brick and Mortar Companies

We get dozens of high quality leads per month of high net worth individuals ready, willing, and able.

We have hundreds of thousands of email contacts and facilitated many relationships with investment firms, VC firms, angel groups, and individuals who are looking for quality businesses. We not only prepare and put up quality listings that illustrate the value of your business (not just cash flow and numbers) to attract high quality leads zany showcase the value prop of your sale including BizQuest, MLS, LoopNet, BizBuySell, and databases that are unique to your niche, we also have the ability to generate unique partnerships, spin offs, and out-of-the-box acquisitions to get the deal you are seeking.

We have accumulated several relationships to get buyers low interest, long-term financing to facilitate a deal. We don’t just look for cash buyers, we also have the ability to get them financing fast so you and them win.

We have accumulated several relationships to get buyers low interest, long-term financing to facilitate a deal. We don’t just look for cash buyers, we also have the ability to get them financing fast so you and them win.

Areas of Expertise

High Quality Listing Generation & Advertising Lead Magnets
Access to High Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices & VC Firms
LOI's & Asset Purchase Agreements
Escrow Closing & Transaction Details


We’ve helped over 10,000 business owners just like you maximize the value of their business.


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Read more about the acquisition world. We provide value to buyers and sellers who are looking for increased deal flow.

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