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Buyer Side Engagement

Buyer Side Engagement


Representing the Buy-Side Helping you Find a Great Deal in an Industry that Matches your Target Criteria

Thinking About Acquiring a Business for the Right Price?

At JARBLY we appreciate your intrigue in an acquisition. We have tremendous experience helping buyers find the right deal at the right terms. Fit and price are most important in any deal where you are the buyer.

What We Help You Look For

Value is in the numbers, but also in the intangibles. Of course, the multiple has to work, but we look for unique intangibles that suggest there is value beyond what is in the numbers that other PE firms are looking at. We want value, meaning the proper multiple but also the right fit, meaning it was the right owner and the right fundamentals before you are the successor.

We look for an industry and fundamentals that align with your core competency. We look for companies that would potentially be appropriate fits for you if the logistics and financials are synonymous with your target acquisition criteria.

Example Target Criteria would be as follows.

  • Revenue range: While this May seem irrelevant Youre not going to pick a business you can’t handle.
  • Ebitda range: Ultimately, this is the biggest metric most folks look for. What’s the net takeaway after everything is said and done.
  • Industry: Is there a specific domain you are looking in. If you’re highly experienced in manufacturing for instance, you probably don’t want to focus on acquiring a business that is heavy in software application.
  • Location: Does the business have to be in a specific city or state or are you looking for a national business or an online remote business.
  • Brick and mortar presence: Are you looking for a physical stores and/or locations, or are you looking for a business that is 100% online or remote.
  • Employees: How big is the company that you want to take over?
  • Licensing Requirements: Do you have licenses and are you looking for a business with a license.
  • Existing Contracts such as Lease Requirements: Is the business locked in to a lease or space that you need to assume or take possession of.
  • Financing: Are you looking for an all cash deal or looking for a lender. Sba approved or non-conventional financing. We have connections with lenders.
  • Etc.

We listen to what you want and we guarantee we will find you a business that matches such within 60 days.

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JARBLY is a Boca Raton, FL firm with representatives all across the country, working in conjunction with Trend Realty in Sarasota, FL that focuses on its core competencies of acquisitions, real estate, and disruptive ventures. We have generated over 30 million YouTube views discussing business and mindset, have positioned our own assets for sale, and we have helped countless owners exit. You can rely on JARBLY to assist you in getting an exit successfully.

What to Navigate During a Business Purchase

When you are buying a business, you want to understand if you should move forward on a deal if not.

Once you analyze the landscape and a business you like, you want to know what’s ahead.

The reality is the first business you ask for info on might be the best business you should move on.

You don’t want to just write it off because you haven’t done enough research (it may be gone by the time you come back to it), but you do want to do a run through to ensure it is a good deal.

If you are inexperienced, you might want to learn about business buying before you pull the trigger, but if you’ve been in business before, you probably understand what it takes to make it successful.

Regardless, you want to make sure it is a good deal.

Here is a thorough checklist. You want to know the following about the business and property.

  • Have a list of questions to ask to ask the seller or listing agent
  • Understand how to analyze the deal
  • Assess the proper valuation
  • Know licensure requirements, meaning are you eligible from a state perspective to buy and/or run the business
  • Understand the proper business formation after takeover
  • What does the deal structure look like
  • What does the current lease or property/inventory ownership structure look like and how do you transfer it, with a good deal
  • How does billing work with the current business – is it more complicated than just switching the name and the bank account
  • Where you should be looking to maximize the offer in terms of negotiations, if necessary
  • Present a proper LOI to make the seller realize it’s more than just a non-binding formality
  • Have the knowledge to know how to get your LOI accepted beyond just the numbers
  • Is there financing involved and prepare properly with a lender
  • Know how to proceed and prepare with due diligence, meaning what questions to ask
  • Make sure the business continues its operations until close
  • Make sure there is smooth transition before close and after close
  • Closing assistance when the transaction is ready to go through
  • How to transition your staff with a new owner
  • How to transition customers, clients after sale
  • Consulting opportunities and marketing opportunities after the sale to maintain the two most important goals post-acquisition: stabilize and ameliorate

If you want help with a business acquisition, work with us. Doing the above alone is not only daunting, but you may miss a lot of things without someone who has been through the ropes before.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You want to make sure you have an experienced team behind you preparing you for each step of the way.

Experience in Deal-Making

Don’t you want to bring aboard a team that has experience not only in getting acquisitions done, but are highly experienced in consulting businesses and helping them grow. In essence, we understand where the value is and where the fastest path is to grow the company.


Our Guidance with Buying the Right Opportunity to Make Sure You’re Moving on a Property that is Undervalued and Has a Lot of Promise

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

The average person spends 70+ hours when acquiring a business.

This goes into finding listings on the market, scoping out numbers, retrieving information, signing NDA’s, scoping through information, and more.

Ultimately you’re trying to find if it is a fit with your target criteria.

Example Target Criteria would be as follows.

  • Asking Price Range:
  • Revenue Range:
  • EBITDA Range:
  • Location:
  • Industry-Specific:
  • Active Role vs Passive Role:
  • Online Business vs Brick and Mortar:
  • Etc.

There are more target criteria you can include but those are the main ones we at Jarbly really expect from you to narrow down so that we can do our best to align a business with your needs.

Not only do we search for on-market listings, but we have access to off-market listings through our network.

We have the ability to line up businesses for you. That match your exact target criteria and we do all the heavy hitting.

Let Us Do the Vetting

If you retain us at Jarbly we guarantee we will find at least 1 business and up to 5 businesses that match your exact target criteria.

You trying to buy yourself and save money on representation, might not be advantageous to you.

Buying a Business is a major decision. Don’t you want an experienced person guiding you to something that’s a good fit and vetted. It’s better having guidance when making a large transaction. When making big decisions it’s usually important to have multiple people decide on it. When you retain jarbly you can have peace of mind we are comforting you with a decision.

You might err because you have less businesses to view and interact with, you might not be able to negotiate properly, you might upset the seller, and you might have trouble getting through the essential items in a transaction because this might be especially newer for you.

You also are probably less likely to structure a deal that nets you more in the end because of upfront vs earn-out scenarios, financing options, and negotiation tactics.

If you want maximal value, choose a quality professional.

What Our Processes Look Like to Save You Time and Get You the Maximum Price

From our group, we would:

– Scope out businesses in your industry, even in secondary industries you may not think of

– Look in other states that could be transferred or that are running remote

– Get an e signed nda on file

– Get detailed memorandum/prospectus we prepare

– Have calls and conversations with sell-side representation and management to ascertain where the deal is

– Help generate an offer in an LOI

– Assist with transition through due diligence and close

To get started you can engage us by selecting the button below and we would love to hear your target acquisition criteria.

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Buy-Side Processes


We Eliminate the Poor Options on the Business Market and Direct You to the Best Value for Your Buying Power to Make Sure You’re Acquiring Something that is Recession-Proof and a Rock-Solid ROI

Proper Protocol for a Buyer

When interested in a business, it is important to understand what the typical processes are that expected of you and this could be a tedious process to do them in order to build rapport with the seller’s agent and the seller. If not, you risk losing the deal or getting bested on the numbers because you missed necessary steps.

  • Be Cordial and Respectful of Processes -We really love speaking to buyers. We love to understand what they are interested in. This business only or a business that matches certain industry criteria so we can steer you in the best direction for you.
  • Read the Prospectus and CIM – As a rule, make sure you read the prospectus in full before asking questions. This will reduce redundancy.
  • Go through the Broker- Do not circumvent the broker as a means of trying to speak directly with the seller to get a ‘better price’. A call will be arranged when you are serious. Sellers will communicate to brokers why did you waste my time, so avoid a bad situation altogether.
  • Do your HW – Look up the business. Go to the website. Place a small order. See if they are legit. If you don’t know the industry, make sure you do your HW on the industry.
  • Submit a Ballpark Offer – before you hop on the call with the seller, you want to gain trust with the broker and seller. You don’t have to show proof of funds right away, but you want to show you’re serious and in line with valuation. If you are not close and you just want to get a business for pennies on the dollar or a fraction of their asking price, and finagle a deal by getting 90% or more of seller financing, then you are going to be worlds apart. Be upfront about that from the start. Don’t waste anybody’s time. A seller wants 100% cash, it doesn’t mean they won;’t be flexible but we do not waste our client’s time with bad deals. If you say we are looking to put $x down and $y over time if everything checks out and matches the prospectus financials, we can move to next steps fairly quickly.
  • Submit an LOI – Generally, if you are in the same ballpark, we can have you on the call with the seller. From there, your intention of the call should be to make sure boxes are checked off so that you can submit a formal LOI and get the process started. Calls are not preliminary in nature. You have a prospectus in hand that took hours and hours with the seller to formulate to answer 95% of your questions. Calls are there to verify what you need to know – is the seller a nice person, legit, do they have what it takes to be a partner or stay on, what are their intentions with the sale, etc.
  • Due Diligence – once we have an acceptance in the form of an LOI, then we can move to due diligence. This takes anywhere from 7 days to 60 days, on average. 7 days if this a fairly simple all cash deal or low upfront. 60 days if you need several parties involved including financing for a large multi-million dollar deal. This is where you want to get tax returns, bank statements, and any other questions you need. An on-site visit may be appropriate but impacting the seller’s sales probably won’t be something that will fly without a deposit.
  • Closing – Once everything checks out, you will get details for proper closing instructions. Usually this will be done by wire through escrow or directly to the owner based on the nature of the deal.
  • Transition and Training – This is where the seller will stay on to help you understand everything in the deal. This will be baked in to the terms. You want to understand processes, but taking advantage of the seller is not something you want tyo do. The seller, unles otherwise agreed, is exiting. You want to be well trained on the business, but you are also buying a business which takes experience to run. No business venture is without risk, including one that you are buying no matter how many years it has been running successfully. You are the new owner now.
  • Consulting – After the transition period is over, the seller is usually available for consulting. Hire them per hour or incentivize them with a % of sales they bring in if they are good to keep around to produce for you. Often times, a seller would like to be involved, but they want to be compensated for it. Make it a win-win and don’t expect services for free after the training period is over just because you bought a business from them.

Not Sure if Now is the Right Time?

An acquisition is not as complicated as you may think.

It never hurts to be prepared and see what is out there and what it will take.

You are in control to prepare an offer and LOI and see if there is a fit.

If you are on the sidelines you won’t be able to do some bigger deals. When is it ever the perfect time. You have to be calculated, but you may have to take calculated risk.

What Do Your Services Cost?

We are transparent with costs.

Typically, our buyer success fee is 2.5% upon close. We only receive that money when we actually procure a deal you are willing to accept. You are 100% in control. So, you only take deals that make sense. You are 100% in control of accepting or rejecting any offer that comes your way.

This is a lot of work if you  know what you are doing to navigate the landscape and buy the right business for your needs.

We have a buyer engagement one-time fee to start with any buyer engagement so we can start the hunt, save you time, and bring you the best deal/s. Most businesses take on average, 2-6 months to buy. Buying a business is a big decision. You’ll pay us small one-time fee to start with us, based on the size of the businesses you want presented, and then we will introduce you the exact deals you have been looking for.

You are going to be spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars, plus this might be your livelihood for years. It is certainly worth the initial fee to get a good team who supports you all the way through.It really depends what your goals are – a quick sale or maximum valuation and to let the market breathe.

Some fees you should account for include the actual transaction which may include legal fees when it comes to paperwork with a Buyer, Escrow fees where necessary, and although rare, Support and Transition fees if they are part of your negotiations with the Buyer.

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Get Started with JARBLY on Your Buy-Side Opportunity

Engage JARBLY LLC to get started you businesses that fit your criteria, that are fully vetted and meet what you are looking for. JARBLY’s sole mission is to assist you in purchasing a business with a great deal.

In Closing

We look forward to working with you on the purchase of a business.

We do a one hour deep dive call.
This narrows down the search from 100+ hours.
We go over the following to help with the search.
  • Industry
  • Specific niches within these industries
  • Which businesses are performing best
  • What to look for
  • Business size
  • Asking price
  • Location
  • Brick and Mortar vs remote
  • Operationally what you can/cannot/want/do not want to handle
  • If you want active/passive
  • What support systems you have/need post-purchase
  • What you are looking for fundamental wise
  • Structuring the deal favorably and get it over the finish line
  • Maximizing the cash flow with the money you have available
  • How we can help you secure financing
After the call and we understand what is a true business fit for your personal life and business, we go to work. We go on the hunt to locate the right businesses.
We analyze the deal, and go through due diligence protocols to assist you on the buy-side. A deal is always more favorable when you have representation doing a few things:

1) Looking for deals 2) Giving thorough reads through the CIM, financials 3) Assisting on negotiations with tactics that have worked in our industry, from peer to peer.

Looking forward to us chatting and getting you set up with the right and maximal deal on the business.

Thank You.
We look forward to working together with you assisting in your next acquisition of a business or asset.

Buyer Engagement Call

We look forward to helping you buy your business!

Click the button to schedule a deep dive call so we can go over your acquisition requirements, and understand the true best fits to narrow the search down from 100+ hours. Leverage our off-market listings, our network, and our relationships with co-brokers. Use as your representation.

Buyer Engagement Call

We look forward to helping you buy your business!

Click the button to schedule a deep dive call so we can go over your acquisition requirements, and understand the true best fits to narrow the search down from 100+ hours. Leverage our off-market listings, our network, and our relationships with co-brokers. Use as your representation.



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In Closing

We look forward to working with you on the purchase of a business. Please retain us by scheduling the one hour call above, whereby we will have a deep dive call going over your requirements and needs, asking price, EBITDA, industry, business size, fit, responsibilities, deal structuring, and financing so we can properly line up a business for you.

Thank You.
We look forward to working together with you assisting in your next acquisition of a business or asset.


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