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Seller Side Engagement

Seller Side Engagement


Representing the Sell-Side with the Best Intentions from an In-House Team

Thinking About Exiting Your Business for the Right Price?

We at JARBLY can appreciate your level of interest in an acquisition or possible exit/partner. We have tremendous experience getting business owners what they want.


What We Look For

We look for an industry and fundamentals that align with our core competency.

We look at brands that may be a good fit with us or our strong network of buyers that would potentially be appropriate fits for this if the logistics and financials are synonymous with target acquisition criteria.

Please let me know if you have time at your earliest convenience, so we can take a look at more info on your business and if you are looking at the possibility of planning an exit of your business.

Retain Us for Your Business Sale Acquisition


Why Us?

JARBLY is a Boca Raton, FL firm with representatives all across the country, working in conjunction with Trend Realty in Sarasota, FL that focuses on its core competencies of acquisitions, real estate, and disruptive ventures. We have generated over 30 million YouTube views discussing business and mindset, have positioned our own assets for sale, and we have helped countless owners exit. You can rely on JARBLY to assist you in getting an exit successfully.

How We Understand Businesses

When it comes to businesses we have been helping for years with the following:

– Launch an Online Presence

– Improve Lead Generation Systems

– Enhance Sales Processes

– Ameliorate Systems

– Develop Technology and Software

– Expand Product Lines

– Improve Customer Satisfaction

– Deploy Better QA Techniques and Methods

– Introduce Appropriate Partnerships of Value

– Improve Value-Adds of Offerings

– Plan an Exit

– Help bring in a Strategic Partner

– Position your Business for an Acquisition

Experience in Deal-Making

Don’t you want to bring aboard a team that has experience not only in getting acquisitions done, but are highly experienced in consulting businesses and helping them grow. In essence, we understand where the value is and where the fastest path is to grow the company.


Our Engagement Process with Positioning Your Listing to Leverage Our Network, Connections, and Business Brokerage Services Including World-Class Marketing

An Exit is All About Understanding What and Where the Maximal Value Is

Timing is important. Qualified Leads are more important. Knowing how to structure a deal is most important.

We have a ton of experience in getting deals done that range from simple sales to complex M&A deals with complicated scenarios such as a combination of debt/equity financing, earn-outs, earn-ins, equity rollover terms, etc.

Bring on a team that knows how to get quality leads and knows how to position your company for maximal value, and knows how to structure the proper deal with what the buyer can do to move on your business for the highest price.

Representation Increases Value

Do you think you will get more with your business sale by sending materials yourself and talking directly with a buyer or having someone represent you who is qualified and understands questions they ask and materials they look for?

Hopefully you understand it is a rhetorical question.

We know the processes, we have materials prepared, we vet prospects, we understand maximal structures to deals.

You trying to sell yourself and save money on commission, might net you less because you have less leads to interact with, you haven’t been able to negotiate properly, and the buyer feels you are directly exposed because you gave access to yourself early on where you maybe have made mistakes in conversation giving them an opportunity to negotiate you down more than a person who acts as a buffer from access can. You also are probably less likely to structure a deal that nets you more in the end because of upfront vs earn-out scenarios, financing options, and negotiation tactics.

If you want maximal value, choose a quality professional.

What Our Processes Look Like to Save You Time and Get You the Maximum Price

From our group, we would:

– Put out teasers to our network & websites

– Get an e signed nda on file

– Send a detailed memorandum/prospectus we prepare

– We Field all calls and emails / questions and arrange calls with management only when properly vetted

– Generate an offer in an LOI

– Transition through due diligence and close

To get started we would like to hear some more info surrounding the numbers and anything else on the business.

Retain Us for Your Listing


Sell-Side Processes


We Attract The Largest Pool of Quality Buyers for Your Target as Openly or Discretely as You Prefer

What Our Buyers Look For

To explain our processes we have a network of high net worth individuals that we present offerings to.

Most of our buyers are generally interested in businesses that cash flow approx $100k and greater, and are willing to purchase them at a 3x – 4x multiple of EBITDA or higher.

Valuation depends on industry, how easy the business is to transition, tech/IP/patents, and a multitude of other factors that we have to assess.

There are different types of buyers and it is important to understand the difference between those buyers and what they are willing to do to acquire.

PE firms are a great pool of buyers for an acquisition because they are in the business of scooping up businesses, but they are typically looking for industry specific businesses that match their multiple.

Another type of buyer is someone in your industry and space who is looking for an add-on.

Another buyer would be someone who wants to buy a business and has zero experience in your industry

The last type of buyer generally is the individual or small group who likes to buy businesses and run them and flip them.

The valuation that each will pay for a business will differ very much based on the type of buyer it is, as well as the structure of the deal, how much money upfront, and the timelines to close which will all differ based on who the buyer is and what they are looking for based on the buyer profile.

Our group of individuals who range and span from would most be highly interested in placing an offer once we prepare the right materials.

They look for certain materials and they ask specific questions that we want to tee up.

Not Sure if Now is the Right Time?

An acquisition is not as complicated as you may think.

It never hurts to be prepared and receive offers, and you can always turn down any offer.

What Do Your Services Cost?

We are transparent with costs.

Typically, our listing fee is 10% upon close. We only receive that money when we actually procure a deal you are willing to accept. You are 100% in control. So, you only take deals that make sense. You are 100% in control of accepting or rejecting any offer that comes your way.

We have a minimal $399 cost to start with any listing. Most businesses take on average, 6-12 months to sell, however we have sold many businesses within a couple months. It really depends what your goals are – a quick sale or maximum valuation and to let the market breathe. You can upgrade to a $999 Enterprise Package which allows us to procure more buyers by leveraging more advertising and promotions if you are looking for a larger pool of buyers which typically results in a quicker sale.

Some fees you should account for include the actual transaction which may include legal fees when it comes to paperwork with a Buyer, Escrow fees where necessary, and although rare, Support and Transition fees if they are part of your negotiations with the Buyer.

Retain Us for Your Listing




Get Started with JARBLY and Select One of Our Choices Below Based on Your Business Incorporation

Engage JARBLY LLC to get started listing your business for sale and bringing you buyers and LOI’s to accept for the sale of your business. JARBLY’s sole mission is to sell your business as fast as possible for the maximum value the market can bear.

If You are a Florida Business, please choose and sign the listing agreement enclosed.

We look forward to selling your business!

Click below to provide us necessary information and sign the agreement so we can get started selling your business to our thousands of qualified buyers.

If the state of incorporation is in any other state, please choose and sign the listing agreement enclosed.

We look forward to selling your business!

Click below to provide us necessary information and sign the agreement so we can get started selling your business to our thousands of qualified buyers.

In Closing

Engage JARBLY LLC with one of the formal listing agreements or hop on a deep dive call with us to learn about your business and guide you in the acquisition world. Sometimes an acquisition is a fit.

Other times, a business is better off doing JV deals, or bringing in a partner, or seeking an injection of capital, or hiring, or outfitting marketing and sales arms. There a myriad of ways we help business with when it comes to guiding their business for an acquisition or prepping their business to ameliorate systems before.

Book a call with us to discuss an acquisition and other options we see frequently in this world.



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In Closing

We look forward to working with you on the sale of your business. Please retain us by signing one of the listing agreements above, whereby you will be sent a questionnaire so we can properly prepare the materials that buyers look for.

Thank you.
We look forward to working together with you on the timely sale of your business for the maximum valuation exit.


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