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Five Types of People in the Organization

When you own a company, it is good to know the types of people that are in the organization so you can be a better motivator, understander of human psychology, and influencer to get the most out of your employees. Five types of people in an organization: Gung – Ho All-In Leaders – All in […]

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1776 by Jaret Grossman

In light of July 4, here is an audio in honor of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that made this country what it is today. 1776 by Jaret Grossman Would love to know your feedback on this track. When I was on YouTube, I would do audio/videos like this. It gained an audience, chalking […]

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To Be Continued Marketing

Every Great business keeps you engaged. Whether it’s apple with their next iPhone release. Or the next Christopher Nolan movie you can’t wait to see. If you own a business you want to start keeping people engaged. You want them to tune in and be excited for your next release. Most businesses don’t have hype […]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisor Franchisee Model

Franchisors have to constantly think about innovative ways to grow. While I like other coffee shops better for coffee and reading a book, Dunkin’ Donuts has one of the best franchisor franchisee models anyone franchisor can learn from. They don’t allow a franchisee to buy just 1 franchise anymore –  they have so much demand, […]

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The Night Before

The night before you want to game plan and prep for the day to come. This is very helpful to get into a habit of focusing on your most important tasks. The day is going to have some unexpected things happen. Blocking out every hour works for some people and for many people it doesn’t. […]

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Habits with Your To Dos

To-do lists are important for business owners. What’s more important is the ability to have strong habits. Habits will help you with your business. The to-dos will change. The habits is what you’ll fall back to. You want to create strong habits. A to do is something you create the morning of, Sunday in preparation […]

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Niche Marketing

When marketing, there’s multiple paths you can go down. Basically these can be categorized as broad-based marketing (general marketing) or niche marketing. Broad-based marketing is marketing that tries to cater to all people. Even if it’s about a specific topic, you are general with your messaging. For instance, Let’s say you own a business. There […]

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Growing Your Franchise Business

Growing your franchise business comes down to a few key concepts. The most important key to understand is what is working and what opportunities are sure-fire techniques to grow. You have three paths. Grow the franchisee count. Grow the franchisee sales. Grow the revenue and profitability of the parent company. Hire a consultant You want […]

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Set Goals like in Sports

To get better results in your business and life, you want to set tangible goals. In football there are 3 goals for the season. Then there’s preparation each week. Each week you have a game-plan that you draw up, then you implement that game-plan. In football, each team generally creates 3 goals before the season […]

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Articulating What You Do

When you own a business, it is important to break down what you do. Articulating what you do is sometimes the hardest part of business. You do a million things and you know your value. But the world unfortunately, doesn’t always perceive it. So the question is how do you earn their business so they […]

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