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Valuation Today vs Tomorrow

Valuation Today vs Tomorrow

Valuation today vs tomorrow are two different things.

When you list a business, we are focusing on today.

We are not focusing on what it can be.

That is potential.

Someone will rarely overpay for potential.

So that is not where you want to price the business because then you are relying on someone overpaying, which may or may not happen.

If you want to sell, price it realistically.

if you want it to sit, price it high.

Can potential be factored in to valuation?

If and this is a big If…If something can be done to what you built already by someone who has it who is interested in your business.

For most scenarios, what someone thinks it Could be requires work and effort and ingenuity to get it there, which means it is much harder than what you’re articulating it to be.

And most people will consider – why didn’t you do it already if it was easy.

That question might be because you’re too busy, you don’t have enough money, you weren’t sure if it work. Whatever the answer is, you want to know what that answer is and give a very good excuse so that the other person says that won’t be a problem for them.

If you want to work together on a deal, we would love to get the opportunity to represent you and see how we can help you. Reach out to us through phone or email.

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