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The Night Before

The Night Before

The night before you want to game plan and prep for the day to come.

This is very helpful to get into a habit of focusing on your most important tasks.

The day is going to have some unexpected things happen.

Blocking out every hour works for some people and for many people it doesn’t.

But the most important part is to really make sure the most important tasks of the day get done.

And the way to hone in on that is the night before, by taking out some time to really focus on what you want to do the next day.

Make it a routine to go over this. Even if you’re in bed watching TV or talking with your spouse, just create a schedule or to do list in your phone of what you want to do the next day. Also, make a clear visual in your mind.

And the top of the list should be focusing on the real things that have to be done.

While creating to-do’s for the sake of to-do’s is helpful to jog ideas, what the purpose should fall back on should be revolved around the meat of what actually will move the needle in your business or profession or family life. Whatever needs attention. This takes time to really think about what’s most important. If you’re struggling to understand what will move the needle, then this requires some thought.

Action is the most important when it comes to business and you want to have sure-fire tasks that you know what to do.

Few things are harder in business than not knowing what to do next.

Your most important tasks of the day, should generally be done first.

If they are difficult tasks you can set aside time later in the day when you have more energy

Not everyone is a morning person. I get it.

You can do something light when you get up to get into the mode.

Maybe you like to walk the dog in the morning or answer some emails and texts on your phone or listen to music in the car.

The night before will really help you hone in on what the important tasks are and when you can squeeze them in.

Instead of watching TV or scrolling through Facebook just take 10 minutes to write down in your notes app or to do app you use what tomorrow looks like

Ideally this to do list should be synced to your computer or wherever you’ll see it often during the day or the next day.

If not, when you get to the office or your work desk you can transfer that night before list to your whiteboard or a notepad or somewhere more prominent

Generally you can have that second list more streamlined with just the raw bullet points of what needs to be done as opposed to every detail.

The goal of understanding what to do is less about a laundry list of things.

This is why some people refer to the 1 thing or the 3 hour work day.

I don’t buy into this philosophy generally. Outside of family time, I am generally spending nearly every waking hour working infused with breaks that give me enough energy.

But the premise is important. Focus on making sure your nut is taken care of.

Many times that I work, it’s new ideas or things that are trial and error. Sometimes you can get caught up in that behavior. You want all your tasks to lead to something and not for any tasks you do that you will look back as pointless. It might be hard to eliminate that altogether, but the premise is to make sure you’re getting the nut done and then the less important tasks done thereafter.

This way when you have to pull yourself away from work, you’re pulling yourself away from the not-so-important tasks.

See where the low hanging fruit is. Understand the best marketing tactics. Leverage a consultant who can help you see things from the outside, you are not seeing with tunnel vision. Bring on new life. It doesn’t have to be costly.
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