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Clients Asking to Modify an NDA Agreement

If you are selling your business, you obviously want to have an NDA agreement in place that protects you with sharing confidential information. The NDA should have some basic clauses that they cannot share confidential information, but shouldn’t be overly restrictive. Consult an attorney if you want a rock solid NDA. You want to know […]

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Posting Yourself on Buyer Platforms to Sell

Let’s just say you have the right materials which might be a stretch if you don’t have all the financials tee’d up and a high quality CIM that highlights the important questions a buyer needs answered. You can post on business for sale websites, and field everything your self. We can discuss what that looks […]

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What is Triple Net in a Lease

When buying a business with real estate attached, you may want to know the terms. The most important terms are whether it’s a sale or lease. Assuming it’s a lease, you want to know price and length, but other terms are quite important to such as restrictions, covenants, easements, etc. that can affect the lease. […]

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Macroeconomics and Selling a Business

If you are selling a business in today’s climate you might be concerned about how the macroeconomics play out. In a recession people naturally pull back with purchasing items. Usually this is more consumption related, but of course, investment wise. The question then is posed – does the macroeconomy play a factor in acquisitions. There’s […]

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The Successor Buyer and Whether You Should Care

Should you care who buys your business? Some of you might feel like the business you built should be in the right hands. Yes, you might be able to find the perfect buyer. Yes, you should care in one breath. But only if you are tied to the sale. How can you be tied to […]

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How Earnouts in an M&A Deal Work

Earnouts are part of a legally enforceable contract you have with the buyer known as an Asset Purchase Agreement or Stock Purchase Agreement. This is largely based on a trustworthy arrangement between you and the buyer/successor and if the milestones are achieved there’s not any argument to the contrary, which is all backed by a […]

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Valuing Your Recent Business

If your business is recently started, you have a minimal track record. In the normal M&A world, we would take a 3 or 5 year average. Taking a 3 year average for a business that just started is not appropriate. For a business that just started, but had losses the first 2 years, we wouldn’t […]

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Intentions Change During Buying a Business

If you are buying a business, you might entertain several ideas to work together. If it is a SMB, you are probably going to ask the owner to stay on for a period of time. Transition is usually baked in to a deal. Anywhere from 14 to 30 days or up to 6 months, depending […]

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Low Offers with Earnouts based on Increases in Revenue

When someone comes in with a low upfront offer with a tier based earnout, we respond in kind with gratitude but a quick response. We appreciate the efforts. But the reality is we communicate succinctly that the seller won’t let it go for the offer. And when breaking it down it’s all about what it […]

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Checklist When Buying a Business

When you are buying a business, you want to understand if you should move forward on a deal if not. Once you analyze the landscape and a business you like, you want to know what’s ahead. The reality is the first business you ask for info on might be the best business you should move […]

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