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Valuation Today vs Tomorrow

Valuation today vs tomorrow are two different things. When you list a business, we are focusing on today. We are not focusing on what it can be. That is potential. Someone will rarely overpay for potential. So that is not where you want to price the business because then you are relying on someone overpaying, […]

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Earn-In to Get Creative with a M&A Deal

We are committed to getting your deal done at JARBLY. Most buyers Do Not have cash to do a deal. That shouldn’t be a surprise. When selling your business, you should understand most people. On average, 6 out of 10 who express interest are tire kickers. Meaning it is a complete waste of time getting […]

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Tax Implications on a Business Sale

Sometimes to consider in a M&A deal are the taxes involved. We are not accountants, but we want to clear up some general misconceptions as it pertains to a sale. With the question of how much taxes do you have to pay if you sell your business, this is obviously a question that depends upon […]

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The Art of Negotiating the Buyer and Seller in a Deal

As a broker or intermediary in a transaction the goal is to really understand what gets a deal done. Sometimes that’s easier than others because it’s more about the deal and the numbers. Other times it’s much harder because it’s about personality and a persons inner desires and psyche. When selling a Business is more […]

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Is There Good Reason to Walk Away from a Deal?

If you submitted an LOI and you are going through due diligence, hopefully your deal is going to close smoothly. If you are hesitant, sometimes there are good reasons to back out of a deal. However, cold feet is not one of them. If you are serious enough to put in an LOI, you are […]

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Modify Your LOI to Get the Deal Done

If you submit an LOI, that is a very good step in the direction. You want the LOI to be well written, free of any errors, and . You would be surprised at some LOI’s we get. The wrong business name is on it, there are spelling errors or fundamental errors like commas in the […]

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Listing Your Business Properly

Maximizing value: By positioning your business at the right price, you can maximize the financial return you receive for your company. This can be particularly important if you have invested a significant amount of time and resources into building your business. In addition, setting a fair price can help ensure that the sale process moves […]

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When Fit is a Sticking Point

Fit may be a sticking point to some sellers and buyers. You don’t want to blow a deal by focusing on fit early on. Many things can simply be worked out in an agreement. Remember, getting two parties to agree, is not about agreeing to everything in an email or initial conversations. Fit is very important, […]

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Proper Protocol for a Buyer

As a buyer of a business, nothing will be a quicker way to lose rapport with the broker or the seller faster than wasting their time. You don’t want to lose rapport – that will affect price and a working relationship, generally. Wasting time means asking a lot of questions, taking up the sellers time, […]

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Clients Negotiating their Own Deals

When a client of ours is negotiating during a deal, sometimes they can help and sometimes they can hurt. The owner knows the most about their business, but there are a few things that happen: They are speaking to the buyer almost like they are speaking to a customer of their business. They are looking […]

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