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Pre-Revenue Listing Consulting Package

Listing Package for Your Pre-Revenue Assets

Get your pre-revenue business in order to either be sold or procure a partner. Work with us to prepare proper materials such as a prospectus or pitch deck to position your pre-revenue assets for an appropriate partnership or sale.

Listing Package for Your Pre-Revenue Assets

Approaching the sale of a pre-revenue business or assets is quite different than a post-revenue established business. Work with us to set you up properly and then go out to our network with your materials.

We have over 4,000 contacts from which we go out to who are in the acquisitions space plus we also deploy appropriate advertising to go out to other networks that are appropriate within your industry. We can be as public or discrete with your assets as possible.

Furthermore, we can make the proper introductions to entities that are legally appropriate for certain investment related strategies such as a broker-dealer for crowdfunding, or entities that focus on Reg A raises who can set you up with appropriate fundraising activities.


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