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Acquisition Information as a Seller

Acquisition Information as a Seller

The value of your business goes up immediately when you have someone representing the sale and negotiating for you. Selling a business yourself decreases the valuation of your business/asset and leaves you vulnerable to more negotiation power on behalf of the buyers. You’re not just a number with us. Working on your acquisition deal with JARBLY is different as we individualize the sale to make sure you’re taken care of. We go over immense detail to showcase an incredible listing, advertise that listing to a vast suite of  buyers, and develop detailed prospectuses and proposals highlighting unique information we know buyers need, based on your company material, even if limited in nature.


We also help model financial projections that highlight the strengths of your business. While most business brokers will negotiate with you on your selling price, we negotiate with the buyers on why your business is worth what it is to generate the maximum deal.

Some examples of businesses sold:

  • Ecommerce Gaming Business – Sale at Over 100% of Gross Revenues (Annual) in Upfront Cash while Helping Buyer Maintain 10% Equity
  • Web & App Development Company – Over 175% Profit (Annual) in Upfront Cash with Strong Earnout Terms
  • Project Management Solution – Capital Injection for Pre-Revenue Explosive Potential Tech Company
  • Ecommerce Jeans Company – Sale at Over 100% of Gross Revenues (Annual) with 100% Sale of Inventory with a Separate Purchase
  • Online Training Academy – Sale at Over 200% of Gross Revenues (Annually) in Upfront Cash with strong Earnout Terms
  • Health and Fitness Brand – Sale at Over 200% Gross Revenue (Annual) in a 100% Cash DealRestaurant App – Asset Sale of Cash for a Pre-Revenue Start-up while Maintaining Equity

We acquire dozens of genuine motivated buyer leads per month for every business listing we have, and we contact these leads immediately, follow up with them, text them, and email them to get them closer to making a decision. We stay in constant contact with these individuals and firms because follow-up is incredibly important in the M&A world.

We have thousands of email contacts and facilitated many relationships with investment firms, VC firms, angel groups, and individuals who are looking for quality businesses. We not only prepare and put up quality listings that illustrate the value of your business (not just cash flow and numbers) to attract high quality leads zany showcase the value proposition of your sale including MLS, Business Broker websites, LoopNet and other premier databases that are unique to your niche, we also have the ability to generate unique partnerships, spin offs, and out-of-the-box acquisitions to get the deal you are seeking.We have relationships with several banks and funding companies to help get buyers low interest, long-term financing to facilitate a deal. However, we also have 100% cash buyers who can close immediately.

We are incredibly creative in our deal structuring to generate legitimate quality offers fast, where we have done many deals with hybrid models of upfront cash with earnouts (many times performance based) to help acquire a deal at the true value of the business.

Contact us at (800) 773-1523, email us at acquisitions@jarbly.com to inquire about selling your business.

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