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Prospectus and Pitch Deck Drafting

Prospectus and Pitch Deck Drafting


Consulting to Help You and Your Business Streamline Operations and Focus on Your Priorities

Thinking About A Pitch Deck or Prospectus or CIM?

We at JARBLY can appreciate your level of interest in having the right materials for your company. One of the things we are good at is drafting materials that buyers, PE firms, and other parties of interest like when considering a business to be involved with.

Gathering a buyer or partner is about having the right materials, in the form of a prospectus. Gaining the attention from an experienced firm is about conveying a compelling vision and you want to illustrate specifically why you’re someone they want to be involved with.

What We Do

When it comes to prospectus drafting, we help with the following:

  • Overview of Company
  • Bio of Founder/s
  • Professional Details / Licensure / etc.
  • Overview of Industry
  • Market Share
  • Competition in the Space
  • Uniqueness of this Business
  • Multi-Spoke Business Model
  • Moats of Competition
  • Processes for Marketing and Lead Generation Systems
  • Processes for Backend Systems
  • Processes for Procuring People
  • Processes of How the System Works with Ordering and Delivering
  • Systems of Retaining Customers
  • System of Marketing for Future
  • Key Financials
  • Partnership Protocols
  • Partnership Use of Capital
  • Future Opportunities

We have full confidence we can provide an added layer of benefit to your organization.

Hire Us to Draft a Prospectus for Your Company


Why Us?

JARBLY has experience in many industries to help understand what forms a good pitch deck.

How We Understand Businesses

A great pitch deck comes down to a few sectors.

  • Biographical Information
  • Market Overview
  • Competition and Competitive Moat
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Product Development
  • Customer Support
  • HR
  • Compliance
  • etc.

A good pitch deck will illustrate that you have a lot of the bases covered and you are providing them a good path for a potential home run or positive continual success into a positive ROI.

The key is to break this down through sales and innovation.

Experience in Procuring Buyers

We have full confidence we can provide an added layer of benefit to your organization through our materials. We have successfully sold many business and have done several deals because of materials we have drafted.

The best way to get started is for us to hire us to draft your pitch deck or prospectus and then you can engage us further in a longer term capacity when it comes to ventures, acquisitions, consulting, etc.


Our Consulting Process with Positioning Your Personal and Professional Life for Vast Improvement in a Short Timeframe

Data and Projections

We have experience understanding what firms and buyers look for, which often relates to market overview.

If you don’t have current financials on your business, you need to tee up a strong pitch relating to the potential market and the market share you can capture. We illustrate many of the potential opportunities in your space.

We have vast experience in getting deals done that range from simple sales to complex deals with complicated scenarios such as a combination of debt/equity financing, earn-outs, earn-ins, equity rollover offers, etc.

This will help your pitch deck when it comes to understanding where value is and the low hanging fruit of what will take you to the next level.

Bring on a team that knows how to position your company for maximal value, and knows how to help you position the proper structure for the proper deals that will propel you and your business to your goals.

Representation Increases Value

We know systems, we know processes, we have materials prepared, we understand deal making, and structures, and we have a network of individuals and business where we can bring high net worth folks to the table.

You trying to run everything yourself and save money on a consultant, might net you less because you have less leads to interact with, you haven’t been able to negotiate properly, and you might be directly exposed to the headaches because you gave access to yourself early on to things that could have been avoided or delegated. You also are probably less likely to structure deals that nets you more in the end because of unique strategies, upfront vs earn-out scenarios, financing options, and negotiation tactics.

If you want maximal value, choose a quality professional to help guide your pitch deck to focus on the 4 layers of business:





Proof of Concepts

We could also include mockups and a proof of concept.
For example, here is a Proof of Concept we built out for a fintech platform. (This also helps with shaving costs down for the back-end development too because the front end work and HTML is done which is sometimes a good portion of the development work).
This often helps a partner visually see what is going on and makes them more likely to come in because you have front end dev work done that they can play around with. You’re demonstrating action right out of the gate.

Ability to Draw Initial Interest

If you want us to work for you on the represenation of an acquisition or venture related opportunity, we we can put out feelers to people that would be potential fits with you and who are interested in this space. Then, we try to get you connected so you can ink a deal.
We can take the materials, teasers, and go out to our network.
We get a signed NDA on file before divulging you info. Hopefully we are connecting you with some appropriate fits for the opportunity you are presenting.
We are looking forward to getting started.
It starts with a proper prospectus.

Retain Us to Draft a High Quality Pitch Deck and Prospectus


Value we Demonstrate


30 Million YouTube Views and Ready to Help Your Business

About Us

Our pitch decks have resulted in.

Case Study 1 – Sale at Over 100% of Gross Revenues (Annual) in Upfront Cash while Helping Buyer Maintain 10% Equity

Case Study 2 – Over 175% Profit (Annual) in Upfront Cash with Strong Earnout Terms

Case Study 3 – Sale at Over 100% of Gross Revenues (Annual) with 100% Sale of Inventory with a Separate Purchase

Case Study 4 – Sale at Over 200% of Gross Revenues (Annually) in Upfront Cash with strong Earnout Terms

Case Study 5 – Sale at Over 200% Gross Revenue (Annual) in a 100% Cash Deal

Case Study 6 – Asset Sale of Cash for a Pre-Revenue Start-up while Maintaining Equity


How It Works

We work together to understand what your offer is and we gather information from you via call, email, and/or face-to-face.

Once we understand your pitch and your value proposition, we do the research and draft the materials.

We will go over the quickest path to getting launched. The goal is to simplify the processes so you are not overwhelmed by the decisions by understanding what works when it comes to getting leads (traffic, advertisement, buying leads, partnering, etc.), converting those leads and delivering the services/products you ultimately sell.

Not Sure if Now is the Right Time?

Consulting is not as complicated as you may think.

It never hurts to have someone aboard your team, and you won’t know if someone is a great addition unless you try. It is an extremely low cost one-time fee to engage us.

We look forward to working with you.

Retain Us to Draft a Pitch Deck / Prospectus




Get Started with Us to Draft a Pitch Deck

Engage JARBLY LLC to draft your prospectus in a timely manner. We look forward to working together on this proposal we draw up, and then we can hopefully work longer term after you see our immediate value.

The best way to get started is for us to click the link below so we can get started on your pitch and get to work and deliver the best prospectus and pitch deck in your industry.

Hire Jarbly to Draft Your Pitch Deck and Proposal

We look forward to working with you and your business!

Click the link below and engage us to draft your prospectus in a timely manner. We will arrange a call immediately after you complete the next steps by clicking the link.



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In Closing

We really look forward to understanding your use case and why you are looking for a consultant. Please retain us to be consultants that really help understand the pathway to scaling your business, and help on the execution. We are really a low-pressure firm. We are here to introduce a new way of looking at things and ultimately, drive value to your business right away. Our aim is results. Short term, Medium term, and Long term. Which can be done right away on our first call.

We look forward to working together with you.

Thank you.
We look forward to working together with you on the scaling of your business in a timely manner, and helping you personally and professionally.


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