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Marketing Using Free Giveaways

Marketing Using Free Giveaways

Marketing Using Free Giveaways

A free book, PDF, video, or other piece of content is a great way to draw in your audience.

However, physical products that you give away are far better than digital ones.


People like to hold things in their hands. They like to touch, feel, and see.

The internet is almost this invisible thing. If the plug was pulled on the internet, millions of lives would be destroyed, but you would then just carry on with your affairs in the brick-and-mortar version.

You still eat out at restaurants…you can’t do that online.

You’d shop in Wal-Mart as opposed to ordering from Amazon.

Guess what?

People love free things, but they love free things that they can hold in their hand much more.

A free PDF is not value anymore, it’s burdensome.

How many free PDF’s have you passed up?

Even if you have the most valuable piece of online content, odds are, it’s just not as enticing to someone as free perfume, a watch, an iPad, or a car. Physical, tangible goods hold much more weight in somebody’s mind. Why?

Barriers of entry.

We know physical goods cost something to make.

Digital products don’t.

Anyone can write a PDF.

That’s why I urge you to write an actual book and obtain a physical copy of it.

If you’re a content creator, it’s imperative to have something you can give for free to people.

This is leverage.

Not only do they get to understand what you’re about and what you do if they read it, but it sits on their bookshelf to look at, regardless, and that’s 24/7 advertising in someone’s home.

At Jarbly, we can help you with the publishing process. Once you retain us as your marketing firm, we help you with content writing, graphic design, and the whole publishing process so you have physical copies in your hand.

“Even if you have the most valuable piece of online content, odds are, it’s just not as enticing to someone as free perfume, a watch, an iPad, or a car.”
– Jaret Grossman – Owner, Jarbly

Take a look at Las Vegas. No one does this better than them.

They give away free cars, free bottles of alcohol, free hotel rooms just to bring you into their casino. They know you’ll gamble and spend more than what they spent in luring you in.

But they’re not stupid…

They know who to target. They target people who play the slots far more than the people who play the tables.

Why? They know the odds of winning on the slot machine compared to the table games.

Know your audience in terms of who will actually spend with you.

Don’t just give your free products (that cost you money) away to anyone, but segment your audience. Know your email list. Track their behaviors.

Then, give the most likely audience (it’s never a guarantee) some free stuff to lure them in.
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