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Example of a P&L

Example of a P&L

When selling a business, it is very important to have something called a Profit and Loss statement prepared by your accountant.

Most buyers of a business look for 3 year P & L’s.

This should include your gross sales, your profit, your exact expenses, and net income.

We know how to leverage your profit and loss statement in the prospectus to showcase where a buyer can streamline expenses and increase sales and profit by streamlining expenses, eliminating wasteful spending, ramping up marketing that works, eliminating marketing that doesn’t, creating systems to create more efficiencies, hiring employees to help automate some systems, etc.

We do a deep dive into your business and find the low hanging fruit and highlight some key financial opportunities.

We also know how to position your business for the maximum value by crafting projections.

Take a look HERE for a projection sheet of a business we have looked to acquire.

We buy businesses but we also have a network of buyers (thousands) who are looking for scalable businesses, distressed assets, and highly automated businesses.

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