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What We Do to Generate Maximal Offers

What We Do to Generate Maximal Offers

To explain our processes we have a network of high net worth individuals that we present offerings to.

Most of our buyers are generally interested in businesses that cash flow $100k and greater, and are willing to purchase them at a 3x – 4x multiple of EBITDA or higher.

We also have buyers that can go up to $100M and more.

From our group, we would:

– Put out teasers to our network & websites

– Get an e signed nda on file

– Send a detailed memorandum/prospectus we prepare

– We Field all calls and emails / questions and arrange calls with management only when properly vetted

– Generate an offer in an LOI

– Transition through due diligence and close

To get started we would like to hear some more info surrounding the numbers and anything else on the business.

Our group of individuals would most be highly interested in placing an offer once we prepare the right materials.

Contact us to get started where you can leverage our network:

Email – acquisitions@jarbly.com

Phone – (516) 864-9349

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