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Strategy to Sell a Business

Strategy to Sell a Business

If you’re looking to sell a business you need a proper prospectus – materials that answer buyers’ questions about the business.

If you have a business that is producing revenue and is producing profit, what you have built so far is nothing short of spectacular and we are excited for the opportunity to help you extract as much value as possible from what you’ve built.

Sometimes we position assets for what is easy to see, and sometimes we spin off multiple assets and create prospectuses for each class of assets to maximize the value of the sale.

Below is our strategy in facilitating a sale:

We Prepare a full prospectus of your business to include the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Opportunity
  • IP and Technology
  • Automation Processes
  • Search and Marketing (Organic vs Paid)
  • Key Financials
  • Potential for Growth
  • Industry Comparison
  • Market Landscape
  • FAQ’s
  • Transition Training and Support

We have qualified leads that are tailor made to take over a business in an industry like yours.

We will go through our current network, identify any likely buyers and send out a teaser of your business to gauge interest.

We have a large network and anticipate 50+ touch-points shortly after sending the teaser.

Teaser Example:

“Transform lives with this exciting business opportunity in a $20+ Billion Dollar Industry

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to transform lives in a $20+ Billion Dollar industry.  This is a complete business system with everything in place for someone to take over and continue its success.

Up for sale is a fully automated business system being used every day and generating healthy profits.

Portfolio Includes:

  • Full suite of courses, members portal, lead funnels and certifications generating $200k+ per month in revenue.

  • Foundational Course and coaching platform that provides students everything they need to design and scale their own coaching business in 30 days

  • Hundreds of successful students have used the platform to launch their own coaching businesses in a variety of niches.

  • Fully automated and systematized members portal to provide a 1 to many group coaching model.

  • Email List of over 50,000 Emails

  • 50,000 Member Facebook business page”

  • We will post the business online across a variety of online business marketplaces in addition to E-Blasts while maintaining confidentiality
  • We remove barriers and have a seamless way to get an NDA signed and the prospectus in front of perspective buyers as quickly as possible.
  • After We’ve received an NDA and sent the prospectus, we will continue to follow up with perspective buyers to negotiate an offer which will eventually lead to the submission of an LOI (Letter of Intent) from a buyer.
  • An asset purchase agreement will be drawn up when a sale price is agreed upon and the due diligence process will begin.
  • After a short period of due diligence, we will create all of the necessary closing documents and have everything ready to go on a specific closing date.
  • We will prepare all of the necessary transfer information ahead of time making for a seamless transition to the new owner at close. (ie. account logins, account transfers domains…etc.)
Below is a link to a business we recently sold for 3.5x :
Experience has shown us that you will get more money for the business with carefully curated materials to present and having a good liaison to represent you.  We have a good sense of what buyers are going to look for in the prospectus respective to this industry and processes.

Looking forward to hopefully working together.

Email us at acquisitions@jarbly.com or give us a call today at (800) 773-1523 to list your business for a maximum valuation to get it sold, and access our extensive network, list of buyers, and proven system, for a timely sale.

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