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The Art of a Deal

The Art of a Deal

A deal comes down to two parties agreeing. A seller wants out but wants max value, generally. A buyer generally wants the best deal possible unless they have been on the other side and have a compassion that is rare.

Just understanding those two things we are apart in nature.

The art of a deal comes to bridging the gap.

Are there other terms that make the seller’s max value vs the buyer’s best deal close in distance? Meaning the seller will come down and/or the buyer will come up because there are other things thrown in the mix.

The next thing to consider is how does the seller’s view of max value compare to the buyer’s view of best deal. Is the seller not privy to understanding the market, and undervaluing the business? If so, then we aren’t as far apart as we once thought. This makes things easier. Is the seller overvaluing the business, and not realistic to what the market is saying when it speaks about demand and feedback on price/valuation or profit multiple? If so, we are much further apart than where we should be. This doesn’t make it impossible to get a deal done, but we generally get more creative or work harder to go uphill.

The next is understanding if the parties, specifically the seller, is stubborn. Is the seller sticking to its chops when it comes to price, due diligence, terms, etc. Easygoing generally gets more offers and a quicker deal. Stubborn can sometimes lead to a bigger deal with a better party, but usually takes longer and good offers, potential parties, and deals can be compromised along the way until something is accepted. It’s always in understanding what the seller wants and the buyer is looking for.

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