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Must Know Tips for Hiring an Employee

Must Know Tips for Hiring an Employee

Must Know Tips for Hiring an Employee

When hiring an employee, it is so important to understand two things about them.

Can they take orders AND can they think independently.

This is HUGELY important.

These two concepts seem like polar opposites, and that’s why it’s so important to really understand if they can juxtaposition these two opposing ideologies well.

People who take orders well generally don’t think outside the box.

People who think outside the box and are very creative are usually poor when it comes to heeding advice and taking direction from a superior.

It’s integral you find someone who does both very well.

If you get someone who doesn’t take orders well, it’s only a matter of time before they go rogue and jeopardize everything you’ve built.

If you get someone who can’t think independently, you will have to micro-manage everything they do.

You will have to find this balance in the interview process.

My motto is simple: be reluctant to hire and reluctant to fire.

I do my due diligence before I let someone in my firm, but once they’re in, I give them the benefit of the doubt in almost every situation.

I know they want to do great work, but it’s really on me as a boss to make sure I let the right person in my business.

Once they’re in, they’re pretty much in. That way, they feel safe and secure and they can focus on doing great work and moving this company to the direction we want to go.

At Jarbly, we help you understand what the best brands do in terms of the hiring process to make sure you select the right people. When you retain us, you will get specific interview questions that help you understand if this person is a thinker who can follow instructions.

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