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The Key to Making a Real Estate Transaction: Show Multiple Properties

The Key to Making a Real Estate Transaction: Show Multiple Properties

When a client asks you to show him or her a property, do not just show them one property.

The first thing you should do is send your client a list of MLS listings to their email or text, whichever is most convenient for them. Don’t send them too many properties, but 10 is reasonable. People’s preferences vary drastically. You need to give them choice.

Now, they might tell you that they only like one property. Don’t just show them one property when taking them out on a showing.

You have to line up one property after another. Show at least 3-5 properties to the same person on the same day. Why? Because once they see a place, they might get a different vibe than in pictures. That one place they thought they liked through pictures, very often does not suit their needs, and the one they skipped over often surprises them. If you just show them that one property and nothing else, they’ll walk away and an hour later they might look on Zillow.com or Realtor.com and call the realtor that shows up with the new listing they’re interested in. Unfortunately, there’s not much loyalty from buyers. In order to create loyalty, you have to go into depth with someone. That, and you need to understand how to build rapport, not in a fake way, but a genuine way – by being your true self. Not everyone will love your true self, but the authentic version of you will go a lot farther than the fake version of you who’s just trying to get a sale.

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