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Benefits of an Earnout

Benefits of an Earnout

When you are acquiring a business, there’s two avenues to approach it with.

Buy the business outright and get it for a better deal with all cash upfront.

Or acquire it at a bigger price with money down and the rest as an earnout.

The earnout allows you to acquire a business and stretch payments over time, building you runway to build the business and enhance it beyond what you acquired it at.

It obviously can be troublesome to have to owe somebody but you allow yourself time to build the business by pouring some capital in to the growth of the business.

An earnout can be done in several ways.

One is a guaranteed earnout paying out $X over Z months.

Another is a performance based earnout where you participate in the % of sales.

Another type of earnout is where you collect in a % of sales or profits that go above baseline. This is where you determine a base level amount whereby anything that goes above it will be attributed to the earnout portion.

Most great earn-out structures can include all of the above to get a deal done.

While the best deals are simple, the best way to get a deal done is to incentivize the seller to feel like they are getting an amazing deal.

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