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Strong Business Fundamentals to Acquire

Strong Business Fundamentals to Acquire

A business that is strong is one that has fundamentals that are strong like an oak and have a lot of structural elements arranged in a format that appears like a top down funnel. A good business is like a net that catches lots of prospects and produces small sales and larger size deals.

Some acquisitions are based on more of an asset sale or a distressed business that is a good value which you should take advantage of, but when analyzing a strong business to acquire here is what you should acquire.

1) Marketing – A proper advertising reach and publications that drive traffic and awareness

2) Prospect Netting – A proper netting that captures leads from the advertising and marketing you do

3) Product Offering – Strong attractive product

4) Wide Product and/or Service Line – A wide line of upsells, cross sells and variety that allow a customer to have options within your ecosystem and business

5) Sales System – Can sell the products you offer and convert prospects into customers with the product line and increase Avg customer order

7) Frictionless Processing – Take care of payment processing quickly and efficiently and low cost

8) Customer Support – Strong customer service to take care of patrons and keep them as loyal customers

9) Admin – Proper admin and backstop resources to take care of paperwork and appropriate documentation

10) Future Potential – Business that has opportunity and hedges/moats against competition

A strong business will have the above taken care of.

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