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How to Sell My Home for Maximum Value Top Dollar

How to Sell My Home for Maximum Value Top Dollar

Step 1: Do your homework before setting your price. Look up comparables. What did your neighbors sell it for? What were the differences in both the exterior and interior? Did they have fewer bedrooms? Did they have an old kitchen? Do you have a waterfront property? Note the differences and adjust yours accordingly.

Step 2: Pick a listing agent who knows what they are doing. Don’t try selling this by yourself! Sign exclusively with a company and an agent who has MARKETING SKILLS and builds instant rapport with prospects. You need a world class marketer and someone who identifies themselves as a salesman and saleswoman. The MLS does much of the work for you, yes, but in an overly crowded market, there are lots of homes for sale!!! So, when inventory isn’t crowded, people will come to your open houses and buy just because there’s not much out there. However, in a buyer’s market, the only way you’re getting top dollar for your home is by standing out above the thousands of homes on the MLS and getting right in front of your customer’s eyes. Pick an agent who’s going to  advertise you. That’s right! Only a handful of agents actually put their money where their mouth is. You want someone who’s going to advertise your home in front of qualified buyers. High end magazines, real estate booklets, newspapers, and online ads are so beneficial that if your agent doesn’t go this extra length, they’re not serious about getting your home. Rather, they might just look to land your listing to add to their portfolio when attracting buyer leads and HOPE that the MLS sells the home for you. Don’t fall for this trap! I advertise on your behalf in front of qualified prospecting buyers and any good agent will do the same. Ask good questions to get to the bottom of their intentions with your home!

Step 3: Use professional photos! One time, an agent selling someone’s home used a Kodak to take pictures. Not an iPhone but a freakin’ Kodak! Don’t do this! Hire someone professional who can make your home look fantastic when someone’s viewing it online. Real estate is a numbers game and the more attractive it is online, the more people who are going to inquire about the property and want to view it. Get them in the door so they can see why your home is beautiful and why it’s the perfect home within their budget to invest in.

Step 4: Stage your home. There’s a reason why every luxury home in a high end magazine looks like an interior designer went to town on the place. It’s because they staged it! And guess what, staging your home with the proper bedding, the right placement of your furniture, and adding accessories to empty furniture and wall space heightens the value of your property by a tremendous amount! Most prospects don’t have a great imagination, so if you can show them how great their home COULD look, you’ve done the convincing for them without even opening your mouth.

Step 5: Find the sweet spot. Don’t price it too high, because the more days it’s on the market, the worse it will look. Also, for every day it’s not sold, the more carrying costs you have to pay. Sometimes taking a little less pay for itself in the long run, especially if you’re into real estate as an investing career. Don’t price it too low though, because all you need is ONE PERSON who falls in love with your home! You don’t need 100 people to consent on what your home is worth. Have you overpaid for something you were in love with? You’re damn right! The key is to get in front of that one person who falls in love with your home and that’s where a top real estate agent comes into the mix.

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