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The Landscape of M&A Buying

The Landscape of M&A Buying

When looking for opportunities in the M&A space, you should be looking at things from a perspective of sustainable and future.

The goal of any business acquisition is to sustain and build.

So the present tense and future tense is what should be honed in on. Thus, what is the current landscape of the business and what does the future represent?

The current status of the business should be based on the past performance and the possible potential being in the mix, but more emphasis on what the business has done. Past performance is generally the best indicator of future performance, because there is no tangible evidence to compare it to. The future performance will be based on the current fundamentals being aligned with the specific potential of the industry producing results with that business fundamental (as to research and data can be assessed and pointed to). This does not mean that you don’t take advantage of a start-up, but it means you understand the indicators of past performance metrics of other businesses in the specific industry you are trying to delve into.

Next, you want to analyze it from two perspectives. Should you place more emphasis on the digital assets or physical assets. Any good business has both, but depending on industry you will heavily weight one over the other. Physical assets could be more valuable but more costly to run. Digital assets could bring in  more presence and be lean to run, but might not be as established and is not where buying behavior can be in an industry ripe for brick and mortar presence.

In terms of the business fundamentals, you want to ensure that it is a business that aligns with strong principles such as prospecting, product line, and strong customer support.

A great business will have a top down funnel implemented. You want a business that converts prospects fairly easily into long term customers, and those prospects come in in droves.

There is something to be analyzed on the front of recognizing that a business  will be difficult to take over if the fundamentals are not there. You will first have to scramble to put them together or you’ll possibly be seeing that only a few things are running well and you have some issues to resolve inside the ecosystem.  You don’t necessarily have to acquire a business with strong fundamentals in every separate department if you are buying something distressed on the discount. They might do one, two or three things very well relative to the price and that will certainly be enough for the acquisition to have been well worth it.

It depends on what you are looking for in your M&A deal, but you want something that aligns with your initiative.

Pick a business and sector that aligns with what you are looking to absorb.

Are you looking for a deal? Are you looking to grow without issue? Can you pay for a business that has no issues?

These are questions we will analyze during your M&A quest.

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