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Pitching an Idea to an Investor

Pitching an Idea to an Investor

If you have a great idea you want to have materials that indicate what the idea is, how it can be developed or manufactured, how it can go to market, and what the distribution plan is.

A perfect pitch deck will encapsulate all of these things plus a very delineate and defined numerical plan for the investor meaning the commitment amount you need to make everything a go, what percentage of equity they are getting (or SAFE note terms), and what their potential ROI could be.

The more spelled out everything is in your materials the better.

A great pitch deck will sort of be like a mini business plan with a more captivating elevator pitch style that gets over the general idea whilst providing insight into why this idea is feasible, practical, and will cut through the competition.

All in all, investors like a great idea.
They want meat behind it and they either will buy the idea off of you, invest in you if you have the chops to make this idea a go, or they will run with the idea on their own accord.

There are endless possibilities with how to structure a deal when you have a professional guiding you.

Things you should include in your pitch deck:
– Elevator Pitch
– Market Landscape & Company Competition
– Demographic Info and Target Market
– Marketing and Distribution
– Bios on Founders
– Advisory / Team
– Financials / Ask / ROI

Another step to achieving this is delivering a prototype or Proof of Concept.

If you can tie all this together, your odds of raising capital go up exponentially.

Additionally, if you bring in some elite talent related to that field to sign off on your idea whether it be a partnership, an investment, or an addition to your advisory board then you have sort of a very tee’d up proposition.

There are many investors looking to be part of start-ups.
Most VC firms and family offices want to see a track record, but they will take a chance on a new entrepreneur if they have these items tee’d up professionally.

Our team creates pitch decks, prospectuses, proof of concepts, and more.

We also have a network of individuals looking to inject capital in the next big thing.

If you have a great potential product or business, please reach out to us so we can walk you through the processes of introducing this to the world through the right mediums and having the right documents to go to these investors.

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