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Game Development Life Cycle and Process

Game Development Life Cycle and Process

If you are considering building a game, here are the steps to consider:

1) Planning

This is the stage where we will be defining the concept of the game, what is the purpose, who is the audience on which platforms it will be released. This is where we have to determine what resources are required for the development.

2) Pre-Production

This phase includes sharing the story and all the in-game details with us for our developers’ better understanding. After that we create milestones of the total work required. Then, the early prototype is created using placeholder assets, which will be made easily available on different platforms and stores online to test. We then decide if the game is fun to play or the story needs to be revised before we get deep into development.

3) Production

After the prototype is finished and the game looks interesting, the actual production is started. This phase takes the most time to finish. At this stage, the placeholder assets are replaced by the actual created assets and models along with visual animations, effects and sounds. The gameplay and game mechanics are built, and that is where the full game rendering shall be done.

4) Testing

The game is tested during this stage for any possible bugs and issues during gameplay.

5) Pre-Launch

The marketing and advertisement of the game takes place at this stage to the targeted audience.

6) Launch

After taking care of all the minor/major bugs and issues, the game is released to the audience.

7) Post-Launch

This stage is where the maintenance of the game will take place. You will probably want to work with us to upgrade the game for new versions time to time and it is usually easier to work with the same team who knows where all the files are and understands the code base to minimize a learning curve that would take place with a new development team.

We look forward to building your game as an app or website. Contact us at (800) 773-1523 or projects@jarbly.com to get started.

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