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App Development Process

App Development Process

The app development process with the JARBLY team is thorough, personalized and smooth. We hope you will choose JARBLY for your app development project needs.

Phase 1: Discovery

First, we understand the exact specifications and requirements of the app. This is where we create a flow base.

Phase 2: Mock-up Completion

Once we understand the flow and UX/UI requirements to make the app function, we prepare the screens. We mock the app up to make sure the screen flow is proper. We make sure all screens are proper and all elements are accounted for.

Phase 3: Initial Functionality Development

After we complete the designs, we develop the app for a clickable prototype by coding the major pillars of the functionality allowing all text functions and buttons to work as described.

Phase 4: Database Creation

This phase is where we prep the app for more developed functionality. We need your hosting and website details in order to gain access. If you don’t have a domain name, you should explore your ideal URL. URL’s are typically $12 per year and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a unique name that fits your business. We recommend GoDaddy to our clients as the provider.

Phase 5: Higher Level Functionality Development

After we complete the major part of development, we dive into the finer details such as the complicated API development and make sure that all data such as usernames and passwords are being saved properly to your database.

Phase 6: Revisionary Development and Testing

After we provide you videos to review and eventually a test build, you will be able to offer your feedback during the testing period. You thoroughly review the app to make sure it is working glitch free and the way you envisioned. We make any corrections to ensure the functionality is working properly and it is a smooth user experience.

Phase 7: Store Upload

We work with Apple and Google to get your apps approved on their stores. Sometimes it takes some modifications to payment processing or in-app purchases, but we have strong relationships to get apps approved that other firms might have trouble with.

We look forward to building an amazing app together. Please contact us at (800) 773-1523 or projects@jarby.com to get started!

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