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Teasers of Our Popular Listings

Teasers of Our Popular Listings

Below is a Detailed List of Access to Teasers for Companies and Ventures

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  2. Sign an NDA on file to receive the prospectus and reach out to us indicating what property you are interested in You can call (800) 773-1523 or email acquisitions@jarbly.com.
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  4. Thank you and we look forward to getting the materials over to you to review the business you are interested in.

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NEW – Amazon Private Label Business

Asking Price: $1,899,999

This Wyoming based business that works remotely builds and manages Amazon Private Label Businesses for investors. From designing the listing to stocking their Amazon store with products — savvy entrepreneurs count on Eminent Ecom to get the job done right.

Eminent Ecom gives investors the amazing opportunity to invest in a full automated Amazon Private Label Business. The founder, fulfillment partners, managers, and employees are all seasoned, highly versatile e-commerce professionals with years of experience.

53% of all Amazon sales come from 3rd party sellers like what Eminent Ecom does.

Eminent ECom has been featured by major publications.

This company offers a service for anyone looking for a hands-off investment opportunity. Their expert team of Amazon professionals handle all the work for their customers, so they can sit back and watch everything done for them.

Incredible online-based remote opportunity with customers who pay sizeable figures to get launched on Amazon with products.


Revenue: Approx. $2.18mm
Profit: Approx. $535k

NEW – Florida Machined Parts Company

Asking Price: $799k

This Florida business is a custom and standardized manufacturing company who has a steady client base and is on a significant upward trend.

This Florida based company is in the business of supplying machines and injected molded parts since 1956. Machined and plastic molded parts and assemblies, to customers specifications as well as a full line of standard fasteners products.

This company is well known in the industry. They serve, namely OEMs, in industrial Military fields, Environmental, etc. Their most consistent customers are related to the construction industry and supply a finished published product line of their products to their dealers, nationwide. They show assembled products for the construction industry.

They are competitive on price with plenty of profit margin. It’s normally on a rubber stamp basis.

When doing government contract work or supplying Prime companies that are supplying directly to the US Government and various agencies, some contracts as well as a portion of contracts are set aside for women owned businesses as well as minority owned companies, if qualified. This is an accredited government supplier as well as sub-government supplier to Prime contractors.

Their current customers rely on their long-standing abilities of delivering on-time and an acceptable pricing along with a stocking program that few companies would do. Very few companies can supply many of the complex plastics parts that they produce, nor do they advertise for this type of work.

This company also is asked to find items that are needed that are difficult to find. One of their accounts is a 9 billion volume privately owned business with 30 years, doing business with this division.

This company also just secured a 600,000 unit order in Q1 2023 which was a 3x increase from the prior year.

DISRUPTIVE – All in One IT Hardware and Network Setup

Asking Price: Details Disclosed

The IT network of tomorrow.


• routers

• network protocols

• management software

• perimeter security

• files/storage

• servers

• backups

Early Traction • Patent Approved • US Navy CANES pilot • EV company 100 dealerships 2023 • 10 Beta customers • 2 customers • 7 Pipeline deals


NEW – Coding Company Teaching STEM to Kids with 17 Franchisees

JARBLY LLC presents a Coding Company which is an after-school coding and STEM academy for children ages 6-18. We provide a great curriculum, along with tools, mentorship, and other resources based around computer science for a quality educational experience. The experience at this coding company is fun, engaging, and thorough. Providing a fantastic learning environment that students love and feel comfortable in is a big focus!

Coding company is based out of FL but is 100% remote and is currently focused on selling franchises at the moment. They have sold numerous franchises across the country and they set up franchise owners with an entire operation surrounding coding classes.

Enrolling in Coding Company is much different than a typical, adult-style computer science education or an online course. Kids don’t like lectures and the idea of going to another school after school can sound boring. Instead, our students learn computer science through play. They give them real projects to tackle, such as building the same games they’ve played before while learning coding principles along the way. Students develop games, play them, and then share their masterpieces with each other.

Additional topics, such as virtual reality contribute to a more diverse skill set. The result is a fun, collaborative learning environment unique to a traditional coding school. This coding company offers more courses than other coding schools. 
They offer a wide range of career certification courses to help students qualify for entry-level careers.

NEW – Mold Restoration Company in South FL

Asking Price: $6mm + $2m Real Estate

2022 Revenue: $4.4mm

2022 Profit: $1.956mm

Multiple: Approx. 3x EBITDA

Uniquely preferred water damage restoration and mold mediation company in South FL. In operation since 2015. 42 technicians on staff making $17-$28/hour and a team of 10 supporting including managers and sales and customer support reps.

Full-service restoration company including:

  • Mold Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Remediation Repair
  • Silica Dust Abatement
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Microshield Protection
  • Cleaning Services (post-repair)
  • Home & Business Restoration (post-repair)
  • Vehicle Mold Removal

Revenue based on:

• Mold Remediation: 70%
• Water Damage: 30%
• Repeat Business: 15% on average

The property is owned and is available at an additional cost of $2mm to the new owner.

NEW – Sneaker Store in Boca Raton, FL

Asking Price: $209,999

JARBLY LLC presents a sneaker store in one of the best locations in Boca. Sneakers are not just looked at as a necessity, but as an investment opportunity for many. The sneaker resale market is a $10 billion global market and continues to grow at a rapid pace. It is expected to generate $30 billion by the year 2030.

Collectors, commonly referred to as “Sneakerheads,” look to find rare pairs of sneakers that not many people can get their hands on. That’s where Snkr Connect comes in. Snkr Connect has built significant relationships and trust in the market reselling rare and trendy, retro sneakers and clothing that are no longer available for retail, and are exactly what collectors in this niche market are looking for.

In November 2021, SNKR Connect started with a cart at Town Center Mall. Needing more space for their growing business, they left this space in April 2022 and in October 2022, opened a stand alone retail space right in the heart of Boca Raton.

Glades Plaza is a highly trafficked shopping center and Glades Rd. by I-95 is one of the most heavily trafficked roads in all of Palm Beach County with tens of thousands of cars passing every day. The retail shops include Starbucks and Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse restaurant; and there are plans for major retailers and restaurants to enjoin the area which will be huge draws in Glades Plaza upcoming plans.

Take advantage of this hot store in an amazing location in Boca. Plenty of opportunities available to drive sales.

Global Information Technology Company with 4 Locations Worldwide and Headquarters in CA

Asking Price: $29mm (Seller Financing Included)

One-of-a-Kind Global Software Company with Fortune 100 Customers and High Revenue

JARBLY LLC presents a global IT Company that has several Fortune 100 companies, 20 clients, and is on track for over $12 million in revenue for 2022. Available is a a global digital consulting company focused on building scalable software solutions and products from the ground up.

For sale is the one-of-a-kind global computer software consulting company, with 4 locations. Infogen Labs provides computer software architecture, design, development, Quality Assurance and Support Services for clients in the U.S. and globally.

Services are offered in the following technical areas:
Cloud Computing
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Mobile Computing
Animation and Game Development
ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS)

Quality driven, they are CMMI-5, ISO 27001 2013, ISO 9001 2015 and SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Whether you are looking for a PoC, MVP, or fully scalable software solution, the product development approach to problem solving will ensure success. From idea to deployment this team can assist you at any step or manage the entire process from start to finish.

CMMI-5, ISO 27001 2013, ISO 9001 2015 CERTIFIED



This company is a leading provider of end-to-end software solutions, Business and IT Services to a variety of industries. This company combines its onsite and offshore capabilities to provide the optimum solution tailored for each customer that is just right for its specific needs.

Hawaii Winery

Asking Price: $1,099,999

8th best Winery in the US by TestingTable.com

JARBLY LLC presents a winery in Kailua, HI that has a true passion for wine and winemaking, and create their own wonderful custom personalized wine.

This Winery is a vineyard and Winemaking outfit that is Oahu’s only Winery on the island. Using an Italian technique, these wines are naturally produced with little to no sulfite preservatives and shorter aging. The result is an intensely fresh and vibrant wine that finishes clean and silky smooth.

150+ wines in the collection.
Approx. $150k in Inventory Stored on Premises.

Annual Revenue: Approx. $600k
Annual Profit: Approx. $300k

Limousine Professional Chauffeur Company

Asking Price: $11,999,999 ($1M for Real Estate Included)

Finest Quality Servicing Fortune 100 Companies for 36 Years

First Class Fleet Of Sedans, SUVs, Sprinter Vans, And Motorcoaches Worldwide

Proprietary Software Technology

Professionally trained chauffeurs are carefully screened to ensure quality service.
Modern fleet of vehicles with $2 million insurance coverage.
Proprietary reservation, dispatch, billing, reporting system with GPS and flight tracking.
24/7 Rate Quotes.
Sedans, Limousines, SUV’s, Vans, Mini-Bus & Motorcoaches In Over 1000 Cities Worldwide.
Special event coordinators and on-site dispatchers for large groups and multiple vehicles.
High 15 – 25% travel agency commissions for IATA / ARC members and industry professionals.
24/7 first class customer service before, during and after your ride.
Personalized profiles include authorized booker’s, authorized users, departments, requirements, and more.
Specialized services including motorcoaches, road shows, and private jet reservations.
Automatic reservation confirmations, receipts, invoices and status updates by email, text and web.

We Babysit Your Ride From Start To Finish
1. Book by phone, online, email, text or GDS
2. Email confirmation sent
3. Reservation dispatched to ICS local office
4. Job sent to chauffeur + email reminder sent to client 24 hours prior
5. Car on route. Chauffeur confirmation + text sent to passenger
6. Courtesy seven minute arrival notification sent
7. Pickup / Drop-off notifications in real time
8. Job sent to billing + receipt invoice / email
9. DONE!

Developer API tools.

Real Estate and Proprietary Software Available in Sale.

Bonzai App Development – Award Winning Web & App Development Company

Asking Price:$490,000

Business Overview
Bonzai Creative Solutions was founded in 2012 by a Silicon Valley executive with over 20 years experience developing highly complex applications for top Fortune 50 companies. We became increasingly frustrated with the lack of build quality found in the available mobile solutions.
Bonzai’s mission is to use our extensive app development knowledge while implementing our custom and innovative technologies to translate your app into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that appeals to your user’s need for an addictive, beautiful and intuitive interface that is error free. And of course, while we’re helping you laugh all the way to the bank, we don’t mind winning a few awards along the way ourselves.
Visa, Bank Of America, Disney, JPMorgan Chase, Door Dash, OK Cupid have all been clients of Bonzai, originally founded in Silicon Valley, before acquisition by JARBLY Acquisitions.

Reengineered by JARBLY Acquisitions for a takeover that is ripe and ready for profit and explosive growth.

Company Grassroots
Bonzai Creative Solutions (BCS) was founded in 2012 by a Silicon Valley executive with over 20 years’ of experience developing highly complex applications for top Fortune 50 companies. We specialize in Marketplace, FinTech, Social Media, Dating, Food Delivery, Service Delivery, Live Video Streaming, CRYPTO, Blockchain, and Ecommerce solutions! The company uses a proven development methodology that continues to be a remarkable success.

Business Model
The company develops highly complex mobile applications and websites. Websites take 4-6 weeks to complete, on average. Mobile applications takes roughly 8 to 12 weeks to fully design, code and test for rollout, on avergae. The profit margin on this business is approximately 60% to 70%, with the majority of costs going towards developers.

Lead generation is on autopilot from multiple sources and from one independent contractor who makes first contact with the prospects.

The sales process is efficient with documents already prepared that go out to the prospect when interested.

Development is done by our teams with a qualified PM who works with the client.

The closing ratio is very high once you interact with a prospect about the job.

Date Established

Date Launched Online

Key Benefits
• Extensive Portfolio of Work
• Cutting Edge Technological Innovation
• Highly Competitive Pricing and Very Strong Margins of 60-70%!
• Longevity and Experience in the Industry
• Proprietary Outsourced Services and Highly Skilled Technical Managers
• History of Success with Proven Sales and Development SOPS

• Mobile Design & Development, Mobile App Marketing, Web Development and Digital Strategy
• Full solution analysis
• UI graphic design/wireframes/mockups
• Full development planning
• UI design integration coding
• Web Services (Middleware) coding
• Server architecture integration
• Database creation and integration
• Build iterations 1 – 10 coding
• UAT testing, performance testing
• Load balancing
• Upload to Apple/Google for acceptance to the store
• Full roll-out mobile application development and website development – iPhone/iPad Apps (Objective C, Swift) – Android Apps (SDK) – NET, Python, WordPress, AngularJS, PHP – NoSQL and MySQL application development
• Graphic Design
• Product development
• Custom Software development
• Quality assurance and testing services
• Performance testing/load testing
• Highly creative and the best-of-the-best in the mobile and web application industry!

Customers: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Agencies

• Primary Website: http://bonzaiappdevelopment.com

Accounts Receivables
Take over the $150k+ in accounts receivables.

Training & Support
Adequate Support and transition provided.

High Quality Fda Approved, Usa Based Parchment Paper Ecommerce Brand

Asking Price: $299,999

Tremendous growth potential in this industry – Made in the USA

Ecommerce Parchment Paper Distinguished Brand

ParchmentPaper.com is an ecommerce, award winning brand catering to a niché market with custom parchment paper products made in the USA. Launched in 2015, the company has developed an edge in this competitive industry garnering a significant, loyal, repeat customer base and growing brand recognition. ParchmentPaper.com owns the exact match term for the entire industry. With an established and credible track record over the last seven years, the company continues to grow organically with limited marketing and has extraordinary scale and growth opportunity.

ParchmentPaper.com provides a wide array of B2B & D2C parchment paper products that are used daily by consumers. Starting with a single SKU, the company has evolved tremendously, expanding product offerings, and into private label development. The primary revenue stream continues to be custom parchment paper that meets the needs of our customer for a variety of uses from the cooking industry to the organization space. This includes everything from cutting specifically requested types of paper in custom sizes to branding and more.

Reasons to Use Parchment Paper
1 – Even baking.with regulating the temperature, and neutralizing hot spots.

2 – Reduces undesirable spreading of ingredients.

3 – Eliminates sticking or clinging to the bottom.

4 – Clean cutting by easily lifting the entire sheet of treats out of the pan by the edges of the paper.

5 – Lining pans with parchment paper makes cleanup a breeze!

6 – Insulation that creates a steam pocket that results in a moist and tender texture, and reduces the chance of overcooking.

7 – Parchment paper allows foods to breathe a little when wrapped.

Sales have been consistently growing year over year.
High return order rate of approximately 75% / Low return rate of less than 1%.
There was a large B2B order in January 2022.
Low marketing expenses as growth has been organic.

Amazon seller account approved for “Parchment Paper” on Amazon but currently only 1 SKU listed currently
Payment Processors: Shopify and Stripe

Google Analytics
Traffic comes from organic search, referral and direct traffic. Significant opportunity for SEO as minimally utilized.
Established Presence
Word of mouth

TaskChat – Project Management Solution & AI Software

Zoom Competitor with Interest from Major Corporations

Task management software aimed at problems the majorities of small medium and large businesses face.

-Overrun of projects
-High cost of managing employees and projects
-Managers constantly emailing and texting employees to find out about projects and tasks if they were completed or not
-Wasting time attempting to scan people’s calendars and setting up appointments and meetings to go over important updates
-Productivity challenges
-Toggling between multiple apps to fetch files
-Data breach issues
-Employee frustration
-Company morale

TaskChat is a software that combines:
– Task Management
– Calendar Schedule
– Chatting with Team
– Notes Sharing
– Roadmap Planning
– File Sharing
– More

If you’re using multiple apps to organize your business, this one app does it all. Assign tasks to workers, chat with employees, get reminders on your calendar, auto-assign tasks to your team’s calendars, and make sure projects are done on time with TaskChat.
TaskChat will allow you to communicate with your co-workers and freelancers, while you can assign them tasks including due dates and deadlines. You’ll get alarm reminders when tasks are due and you’ll be able to auto-schedule tasks to an available time in your calendar or your teammate’s calendars based on the priority of the task. TaskChat is an application that allows you to schedule your day, assign tasks to team members, and communicate with your team all in one easy-to-use app without complex integrations.

Here are Companies Expressing Interest in TaskChat:
Ford Motor Company
Log Me In
First Republic
Bits in Glass
Riujie Networks
GEIRI north america
VP Americas / route Mobile
Pure Storage
Visa Inc.
Tech Data
Angel Launch
eBay Inc.
Panasonic Aviation
M S International Inc
Eastern Generation
Law Office
PJT Partners
Envolve Benefit Options
Wells Fargo
Rutgers, Div. of Continuing Studies
Jet Blue
Anthony & Sylvan Pools
OpTech LLC
Legg Mason
Inspira LIFE
US Army
Kuke3d Technology
Prudential Financial
Tech Mileage
Exact Pro
Fama Enterprises
Check Point Software Tech
Toll Group
Hostos Community
International Federation of Journalists
A7 Ventures
Booz Allen Hamilton
Distant Job
Marriott International
Bank of America
Mode Computer

Major competitor is Microsoft Teams who acts as a hub but not perfect in terms of integrations and ability to quickly add employees/clients/prospects to the team and organize projects and tasks that are pertinent to make progress.


WordPress Plugin Software

Software that Helps Bloggers Monetize their Blog

Opportunity for an Acquisition of Blog Software

A product that helps bloggers monetize their WordPress blog by allowing for donations.

A WordPress Plug-In that bloggers can easily install to help them monetize their site.

Software that takes 60 seconds to install with no development experience, that automatically transforms their website so that they can create landing pages quickly.

97% of bloggers use WordPress.

We built this product for an internal project to automatically create landing pages quickly.

This served a dual purpose:
We wanted to create products for sale on the site
We leveraged the funnel approach

We did this by creating a plugin that automatically creates landing pages for sale.

We then repurposed it for public use so anyone with a word press site could install the plug-in and it would automatically scrape their site to install landing pages for their products without coding.

Detailed Information

Facilities: Option 1: Take the software and run it Instructions are provided to users who download so this is hands-off Option 2: We will build a legitimate funnel based on our expertise and get you your first sale Clickfunnels Active Campaign Email Sequence Initial marketing / advertising tests 30 Day Short-term Campaign (Approx. 20 Emails) 2 Year Long-term Campaign (24 Emails, 1 Email per Month) Video Walkthrough on order Page Modify Website to account for Funnel Changes

Competition: Many bloggers are looking for increased revenue. They turn to advertising but platforms don’t always pay great unless you get boatloads of traffic. You’ll see how The Economist, New York Times, and other major news sources are charging for access. The New York Post just created new sections in their viewership where they charge for a membership to get exclusive access to certain articles. They spent tens and hundreds of thousands in development to create these monetization portals.

Growth & Expansion: Future Opportunities: Create email marketing to increase sales further using an Active Campaign sequence. More paid add-ons to the software E.g. Unlock certain features for additional money Increase product price for additional revenue Outreach to WordPress Bloggers Build this as a feeder into development projects for these clients

Support & Training: Will provide assistance for one week. This will help you with understanding the software, train you on how to create a proper funnel, and help you understand future opportunities. Your company should use this as a feeder to development projects.

Reason for Selling: Looking to pass this off to someone who can run day to day operations.

JARBLY U – Higher Education Media Conglomerate

Beta Versions in Montgomery College and Virginia Tech

Your Digital Education Platform of Tomorrow

Jarbly U is designed to transform college major-changers into assertive decision makers who can confidently transfer their skills to real world careers. The company accomplishes this through partnering with academic advisors, counselors, and lecturers’, providing ever evolving, carefully curated content to support students with critical decision making such as when selecting a major. The ambition is to enhance the overall student experience life-cycle with practical knowledge and digital savvy students will use from early in their educational pursuits through commencement of professional careers.

The platform is designed to enlighten students on major topics of study such as Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Influencer Marketing, Political Economy, Healthcare and much more. Our extensive library, organized by targeted academic areas of study are delivered in the form of micro-learning audio sessions that emphasize soft-skills like emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, critical thinking and leadership. Jarbly U’s modern approach to career exploration was designed based on the understanding that the career path is not linear, thus providing the candid answers that students need to navigate the unpredictable future.

Digital “A” Team with Vast Industry Expertise
The platform gives insights into professions you will not get from traditional career services and classroom lectures through our carefully curated 30-60 minute sessions with selected thought leaders, inclusive of C level executives, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts. Our digital “A-team” of thought leaders span program categories and continents, delivering real world experiences that align with the over 80% of students who prefer receiving guidance from mentors who work in a chosen field.

Jarbly U was adopted by Montgomery College and Virginia Tech.

Board of Advisors includes prominent professors and elite business executives.

Personalized Career Coaching Program
Focuses on self-awareness, character and personality traits to prepare students for making well-informed educational and career decisions. This modern “check-up” approach to coaching is delivered through the technology that today’s students are well-versed in. When combined with your career counseling services, students are proven to feel significantly more confident in their capabilities to be successful in the workforce.

Assets: JarblyU.com Access to dozens of interviews with Fortune 500 C Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Elite Movers and Shakers Access to Virginia Tech and Montgomery College Board of Directors

Competition: The most similar concept would be TED Talks. Jason Dodier goes deep with interviewees to give college goers. Traditional college norms will be disrupted with innovative concepts and unique talent. Jarbly U aims at disrupting the medium not as a replacement, but as a supplement to college education to help students become more prepared for the real world, landing them a job in a field they are passionate about that has appropriate financial metrics.

Support & Training: Board seat will be granted to an investor.

Business Website: http://jarblyu.com

Real Estate App for Agents and Brokers – Real Estate Software App

An App that Increases Sales and Transactions for Agents & Brokerages

Real Estate App designed to increase transactions.
Simplifies tedious processes for real estate agents and brokers to generate deals.

Prototype ready. Partners with elite professional in South FL Real Estate.

Need an NDA on file to share this concept but it’s aimed at brokers paying a subscription fee to have for their agents to reduce liability and to increase the number of transactions.

Scroll – Social Media App

App Competing with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

With the average user spending 144 minutes per day on social media and employees over a third of their time scouring social daily in a mixture of personal and professional pursuits it’s no wonder a large majority of CFO’s have consistently stated that employee social media use is the biggest time-wasting worry businesses have today.

Our data and direct interactions point to much of that precious time wasted, scrolling endlessly with the hopes of stumbling upon engaging, pertinent and reliable newsworthy information.

With that said, the Jarbly (http://JARBLY.com) team was determined to find a better way for individuals and business employees to locate newsworthy and impactful material faster on social media than on mainstream media, including television, newspapers, and journals.

Over the past two years, Jarbly has developed a social media platform that aggregates the most relevant news from the most trusted sources by using algorithms, focusing on the most reliable, real-time content to provide a more user friendly experience that is guaranteed to maximize your precious time and business ROI.

Based on your interest we will send over an electronic NDA in which we will follow up with our pitch deck and projected financial model. Upon review we can then schedule a call to dive deeper, and answer any pending questions or concerns about our business model, projections, and operational readiness.

BG8 – Revolutionary Golf App Technology

Revolutionary Technology and App that Serves the Entire Golf Community

JARBLY presents a brand new technology in golf that is changing the way people play golf.

This manufacturing product is ubiquitous and revolutionary.
This product can be used by all golfers of any skill level.
A game changer when it comes to golf.

The BG8 By JARBLY leverages the leading edge in technology in golf.
Proprietary manufacturing protocols.

Please sign an NDA to understand the processes and the offering surrounding these assets.

Resources: Manufacturing process IOS/Android App Web Page Funnel Email Marketing Creatives Influencers Social Media Marketing and Presence Marketing Materials Sales Material

Support & Training: Work with JARBLY to understand the manufacturing processes and how to market the product working with golf courses, country clubs, etc.

Reason for Selling: Someone strategic should be involved with these assets.

Financial Payment Platform – JARBLY Pay

Financial Solution for Millennials

A financial platform designed to simplify the process of managing bank info. This is a very secretive project so will discuss more details after signing an NDA.

Stock Champs – Financial Stock Contest App

Compete with Robinhood and Stock Apps

After the Founder lived and breathed the stock market for a number of years, it felt like a new wave of young millennial investors were starting to look to the stock market for a new source of income. During the Pandemic, this assumption became a clear reality and data from all leading financial institutions confirmed this new trend.

Chime, Stash, Acorns, Robinhood. Millennials are an underserved market when it comes to banking and especially the stock market.

This platform is a unique, unmatched concept. Similar to Draft Kings and Fan Duel but for the stock market where users select stocks in contests and win cash prizes.

There are a number of app games based on the stock market that simulate stock trading with a link to advertise a platform or service, but none on the market similar to this app.

You are getting a once in a generation type app that focuses on the Millennial generation who is underserved when it comes to understanding the stock market and profiting off of it.

We will share more details about this once we get an NDA on file.
Excited to chat. Will share the platform details with you.

Zany Pets – eCommerce Shopify Brand for Pets

Asking Price: $99,999 including inventory

Zany Pet Shop was created from love and passion for four-legged furry friends, and believe it or not, out of frustration for not being able to easily find good quality, and sometimes quirky, pet products. Lets face it; we could all use a dose of quirkiness in our lives now and then; pets included!


At Zany Pet Shop, our focus is providing our customers with the best of the best. Our niche online store sells unique, hard to find dog and cat products and what makes us different is that most of our products are not easily found in the traditional “big box” stores. The products we sell are eco-friendly, organic, fun, and safe – and dare we say it – just a little Zany. (Oh, and we strive to stock American made products where possible!)

Our products range from trendy, colorful, handmade leashes and collars to interactive, brain stimulating puzzles to fun apparel and accessories.  Although most of our items are unique and quirky in nature, a common theme with all of our items is the Quality. The products we sell are made of high quality, environmentally-conscious materials and even our packaging is eco-friendly!  

American Fitness Couture – Women’s Yoga Clothing Brand

Asking Price: $224,999

Partnerships with Big Retailers Plus Inventory, Prints & Patterns

We are a high quality work out and yoga activewear company made by women for ALL women committed to wearing ethically and eco-responsibly made athletic apparel. We take our inspiration from our busy, multitasking, active lives, and everything else in between. We take pride in being handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. American Made.

Our beliefs run deep – if you pay attention to women’s core values; what makes us feel nurtured, beautiful, valued and heard – it’s a natural progression to craft an exceptional activewear product that can speak to all women regardless of age, shape, or life stage.
Our name encompasses our vision of the modern women’s active lifestyle.
We design our workout clothing for multi-function, on-the-go, day to night activity
with a strong focus on Eco-conscious and ethical manufacturing practices.
We believe in protecting mother Earth, saving water and reducing our carbon footprint at every stage. Our goal is to be more sustainable everyday in every way, because it’s all the little things we do that adds up when it comes to leaving a smaller carbon footprint. For us, it’s driving hybrid cars, recycling our bags and boxes, our leading edge dye house that uses 33% less water, state of the art cutting that saves fabric and premium fabric that is durable and long lasting.

The American Fitness Couture Creed | All Women are Strong and Beautiful

American Fitness Couture | Ethically Made in the USA

With roots sown in Los Angeles, we value our role as an all-American made workout wear brand. We support ethical manufacturing (sweatshop free always), fair trade, employee-valued structuring, and fair wages. We want our clothing to bring value to the lives of those who wear it and those who make it.
Activewear Clothing made with good intentions feels good.
We work closely with our manufacturing partners and vendors to ensure they not only meet our standards, but to partner with them on implementing ways to improve and elevate conditions across the board.
Why we make it in Los Angeles | Made in USA fitness apparel
Founded by “Core Guru” and celebrity fitness trainer Linda LaRue in 2014, American Fitness Couture was fueled by the desire to create an environmentally driven brand that would meet the multiplicity of needs specific to women toggling between functional fitness crossover to street wear.

Actually producing the product right here in Los Angeles is crucial because it allows us to keep a close eye on quality, manufacture in small batches to minimize waste, and support the local economy by supplying jobs and commerce.

Greek Products eCommerce Store – Asking Price $99,999 (incl. Inventory)

Welcome to the world of this company and become acquainted with our philosophy. “Mens sana in corpore sano,” said our friends, the Romans. Or as the Greeks used to say, “What man is happy? He who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind, and a docile nature”.

This company believes in nourishing your body, mind & soul through the Mediterranean diet and way of life. This company offers a collection of Greek gourmet superfoods, natural and cruelty-free skincare and organic essential oils. Make the most beautiful you with the power of this company’s Greek wellness products.

This company was founded in 2019 by a couple born and raised in Greece. When they moved to the US, they set out to make Greek products accessible to all.

Girlkin Lashes – Lashes/Brows Training and Franchise Opportunity

Succulents Box – Succulents Plants Shopify Store

Asking Price: $8,499,999

High Barrier to Entry Industry with High Sales Shopify Store

JARBLY LLC presents a super thriving ecommerce plants store that has a huge Shopify and Amazon presence. Very rare Shopify store with these revenues and profits and number of customers.

For sale is a one-of-a-kind E-commerce business with virtually no relevant competitors in the house plant niche. The business has been featured in FORBES, USA Today and Better Homes & Gardens in addition to many other large publications.

Revenue grew 200% from 2019 to 2020 and is on track for explosive growth once again in 2021.

The business is perfectly positioned with a strong moat and is consistently gaining market share across a variety of markets/industries with a combined $172 Billion spent annually.

The site drives revenue through the production and sale of Succulents (house plants) and features 200+ Succulent varieties, monthly subscription boxes, gift boxes & corporate gifts, house plant accessories and detailed care instructions.


Competition: The succulent plants industry is very hard to manufacture. It is very difficult to find and establish a vendor and supplier. Once you establish the relationship and systems in place, it creates a moat from others entering to try to duplicate and replicate the model since they are typically costly endeavors. The current owner has a very special relationship with the supplier that will transition to the new owner. The website is ranked number 1 for the term “Succulent” and the SEO marketing strategy drove 5 Million visitors to the site in 2020.

Growth & Expansion: Lower expenses you’re paying out (payment processing fees, ads, workers, product – Owner will show you how to reduce expenses) Add more products Duplicate the process he did to generate 5 star reviews Hedge your risk by adding new subscription offerings Position for acquisition to major home decor big box brands for 100s of millions once growth is there for 10+ years…This is a company’s dream to get something automated in a niche space with dominance in SEO and a large customer base that the company currently serves.

Support & Training: The owner is very easy to get along with. He built this company from the ground up and wants to see this succeed. For a full sale, he is willing to stay on for several months to help the new owner with all the processes, to continue the upward climb, and to take advantage of future growth.

Reason for Selling: Move on to other opportunities.

Pillars Drinkable Yogurt

In the meantime, attached our base sales deck and a few bullets on the biz:

Business updates:
12-month trailing Rev. ~5 Million
Projected Revenue for 2022 ~5.5M
2500+ stores of distribution including Nationwide at Whole Food with consistent base + incremental unit growth since Jan’21 expansion, Top 5 brand in the drinkable/kefir category, fastest-growing brand in the category at Whole Foods, two ‘off cycle’ adds of new products awarded based on success.
“Breakeven / Profitable”; all profits re-invested
New plant-based, keto probiotic yogurt line launched Q3’21 (Wegmans + Central Market, Giant), expanding in WFM Sept’ 22
Recently won chain wide distribution at Publix (1000 new stores), launching November
Projected Run Rate Q1’23 ~7-7.5M

Belle and Broome – Plus Size Women’s Clothing Brand

Asking Price: $60,000

Completely Built Brand and Shopify Store Ready to Drive Ads

Belle and Broome started, as most things do, with a dream.

After a decade of working in fashion in NYC and LA, designing at companies such as Allen Schwartz and Vince Camuto, the owner got the itch to start my own company. The owner also knew that she wanted to have an impact on others.

Serving plus-size women was on my mind, after observing first-hand that the traditional fashion industry treats women over a size 10 as an afterthought. She thought this was wrong; an outfit is a reflection of your personality, and the owner believes all women should have the opportunity to express themselves this way. She found that most of the plus-size designs were boring, unflattering, black and BLAH!

So, I’ve set out to change that.

It is Belle and Broome’s mission to empower plus-size women to feel confident in their bodies and their look by offering great quality, colorful bohemian styles. Our curated selection is your go-to for globally-inspired vacation clothing and accessories.

We currently offer sizes 12-24, with plans to increase our size range in the future. Your support will help us achieve that goal. You can find detailed sizing information for each piece, meant to take some of the guesswork out of online shopping. Our 100% fit guarantee means you never have to worry about getting your size right again. If it doesn’t fit, send it back– on us.

We are by a woman, for women. 10% of our sales each month will be donated to a different charity, with a focus on supporting women’s causes and ending childhood hunger.

28 Minute Workout – Partner with Fitness Model Obi Obadike

90 Day Workout Program.

Obi Obadike has been featured on Access Hollywood, E!, Today Show, and more. Obi Obadike partnered to create a workout and nutritional program for the every day person to get in shape.

Purchase an equity stake and partner with Obi Obadike on this venture with a product already developed that is ready to go to market.

Someone with marketing expertise preferred.

Healthy Mom Handbook – Women’s Pregnancy System

Pregnancy workout and nutrition program created by a fitness model mom

The Healthy Mom Handbook is not just a book, but an all access, holistic program on preconception, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. The program includes eight carefully crafted eBooks, instructional videos and preliminary accountability coaching on the topics of nutrition, exercise, birth planning, and breastfeeding.

The Healthy Mom Handbook was developed with Health and Fitness industry veteran, Nicole Moneer, who will stay on as the brand’s spokesperson. Nicole is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Reiki Master, retired IFBB Bikini Pro & Olympian, former winner of the Ms. Bikini Universe Classic (2009) and has been featured on Bravo Reality TV, Oxygen, and Bodybuilding.com (just to name a few).

Nicole has over 1 million social media followers! As part of the sale, the new owner will take over Healthy Mom Handbook’s Facebook page of 60,000 followers (as well as all social media pages).


The Healthy Mom Handbook program has a one-time fee of $97.00 and includes:
– An exercise plan for each stage of pregnancy
– A Nutrition plan for each stage of pregnancy
– Step-by-Step videos for each stage of pregnancy
– Kickoff accountability call with Nicole
– Lifetime access to the entire system

The owner can use a proven formula of social media ads to drive traffic to a funnel that is already built out. The funnel built is turn-key and consists of four parts:
1. A landing page
2. An email opt-in page
3. An order page that has a relatively high conversion rate on people who enter their email.
4. Email automations (already built) to get people to order who did not order the first time they visited the order page.
The combination of retargeting ads on social media and email marketing proves to be highly effective.

If you are interested, please reach out directly and we can share the prospectus.

Owners would like to have an NDA on file before sharing pertinent information. We know that Healthy Mom handbook has immense potential and would fit your portfolio in a great way!

Detailed Information
Facilities: This business is completely online and has no physical assets. Included in the purchase of this business is the transfer of the domain name, full admin privileges to the website and server, transfer of social media pages.

Competition: Pregnancy is associated with physiological/psychological changes that may promote sedentary behaviors and/or low levels of physical activity resulting in elevated risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, high gestational weight gain, the long-term risk for overweight/obesity development, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Recent epidemiological data based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey indicates that only 15% of pregnant women meet the minimum national recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise.

Growth & Expansion: Marketing Trade Shows PPC Ads SEO Social Media/Influencers Funnel Based Marketing Email Gathering Partnerships Acquisitions

Support & Training: The Healthy Mom Handbook was developed with Health and Fitness industry veteran, Nicole Moneer, who will stay on as the brand’s spokesperson. Nicole is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Reiki Master, retired IFBB Bikini Pro & Olympian, former winner of the Ms. Bikini Universe Classic (2009) and has been featured on Bravo Reality TV.

Reason for Selling: Streamlining the portfolio and looking to set Nicole up with a great partner.

Website: http://healthymomhandbook.com

Agent 3000 – Real Estate Software Tech CRM for Realtors in Several Boards w/ MRR

Asking Price: $3.9mm

Real Estate Software w/ MRR – Thousands of Paying Subscribers

Real Estate Technology for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages – Thousands of Paying Subscribers – Affiliated with 15 Real Estate Boards including Miami, Daytona Beach, San Antonio, Houston, Louisville, Arizona, and more

Voted #1 Complete Real Estate Software by Realtors
Voted #1 Recruiting and Analysis Software by the Top Real Estate Brokers and Agents at fraction the cost compared to other “competitors” who have less functionality.
66,500 Satisfied customers—High Retention
This Software Platform is the Total Solution for the Real Estate Industry including Same Day Website, Flyer Generation, Lead Tracking, Lead Routing, Landing Pages, Marketing Graphics, Drip Campaigns, Social Media Meme Generator, Sign Creators for Open Houses, QR Code generator, Facebook IDX Search, SMS Response, Twilio Integration, Autoresponder, Calendar Reminders, Video Emails, Video Tours, and More
Software like this does not come available for sale often that has paying subscribers and monthly recurring revenue.

Asking Price: $3.9 million
Cash Flow: Over $50,000 a month in sales
High retention rate of subscribers.
Minimal operational costs to run.
There are more than 3 million active real estate licenses in the United States currently. Tap into tremendous potential.

Please reach out to sign a quick NDA and receive materials regarding this real estate tech software platform.

This platform is already affiliated with the following boards:
Arizona Regional MLS
Central Panhandle Association of Realtors
California Regional MLS
Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS
Greater Louisville Association of REALTORS
Houston Association of REALTORS INC
Lexington-Bluegrass Association of REALTORS INC
Miami Association of REALTORS INC
Metropolitan Indianapolis MLS
Michigan Regional Information Center, LLC
RealComp Southeast Michigan MLS
Royal Palm Coast REALTOR Association
Space Coast Association of REALTORS
San Antonio Association of REALTORS

Facilities: Online platform Source code Marketing resources Board affiliations and connections Owner transition Board liaison Customer support system Manuals and documentation (Home Based)

Competition: Other real estate software similar to this has been acquired by large firms and brokerages for tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. This is very proprietary and robust software.

Growth & Expansion: Just tap into more real estate boards and affiliations. Thousands of realtors belong to each regional board in the country. Get internal promotion and marketing once you are affiliated with the board as a resource within the dashboard. This product gained thousands of paying subscribers by being affiliated with several boards. The boards promote the product from within their ecosystem.

Support & Training: Owner will stay on for an extended period of time based on terms of deal. Very minimal hours required. Minimal development hours in terms of maintenance. Most of the time spent is from the owner answering customer support questions which can be delegated.

Reason for Selling: Owner wants a liquidation event and spend time with family.

America’s Education Guide – Copyright and Scalable Education Magazine Company

Asking Price: $450,000

Opportunity to own a Magazine with Placement and Ads Lined Up – Digital Presence

JARBLY LLC presents a business for sale in the educational magazine space in FL with a recurring revenue model.

America’s Education Guide was started almost 25 years ago from the simple question of “What are the schools like in our area?” That question was relevant then, now, and will continue to be in the future for parents with school age children. Florida is currently the state where the guide is being produced (Northeast Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, and Greater Tampa/St. Petersburg). The guides are scalable and can be reproduced in any major city.

Last year over 5 million kids (Almost 90%) attended public schools! Parents need a resource — one they could rely on — that provides objective information about local preschools, public, private, charter, virtual and special needs schools. Our guides are the only comprehensive publication in print and on-line dedicated exclusively to local education and they are also copyrighted and trademarked. Each of our annual guides is endorsed by the States Governor’s Office and each county’s/city’s local public school superintendents. Our top advertisers are related to Education, Real Estate and Builders, Relocation and Childcare professions. The guides are distributed yearlong guarantying 12 month exposure for advertisers.

Each of our guides are simple to understand as the schools are broken down into elementary, middle and high schools for easy referral and comparison. We are the only guide that carries comprehensive data separated into early learning, public schools, private schools, special needs schools, charter schools, virtual schools, home schooling options and higher education. We also provide comprehensive accurate data on all private schools.

2020 Net Profit: $123,488
2019 Net Profit: $91,745
2018 Net Profit: $148,621
2017 Net Profit: $146,627

Famous Comic Book Artist – Partner with Comic Book Artist with IP Rights to Comic Books, TV, Movies, Merchandise, and More

Celebrity Partners Already on Board Plus Amazon and Marvel Comics Relationships

Comic book artist has featured on CNBC, TLC, 20/20 ABC News, AMC’s Comic Book Men, The Howard Stern Show, E! Entertainment Television, Fox, NY1, VH1, and in the following magazines: HUFFPOST (The Huffington Post), Newsweek, OK!, Bella, New York Lifestyle, and the NY Daily News.

New Comic book company that creates IP to license into movies, merchandise, toys, NFTs, video games, etc.

The company has celebrity partners already on board who invested.

The company is signed by Amazon’s and Marvel Comic’s distributors.

Sign NDA to receive more info on the opportunity for comic book acquisition.

High End Luxury Clothing Line

A Unique Line of Clothing Manufacturing Created by a Prominent Owner

JARBLY LLC presents an offering from a specialized designer and trendsetter in the world of contemporary and couture women’s clothing, with over 20 years of on-hand, entrepreneurial and brand experience in the global fashion industry.

• Collaborated and advised some of the preeminent global fashion companies in areas such as collection design for many years before starting her own brand;
• Sold collections to the most prominent, respected and influential fashion specialty stores on earth such as Colette and L’Eclaireur in Paris, Browns in London, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Louis of Boston and
many others worldwide;
• Launched, managed and grew her high-end couture and R-T-W brands, creating worldwide presence at the most well-known retail stores while generating attractive results for her investors;
• Has deep experience creating and building fashion brands and creating brand awareness, having shown lines in many of the most prestigious runway shows including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in
New York.

Within a few years of founding her eponymous label, she created a ready-to-wear fashion collection targeting 25-50 year-old women. Throughout the 2000s, she presented her collections at major international fashion events to wide acclaim and achieved International recognition throughout the United States, Western Europe and Eastern Asia.

Production: Over the last four years, the owner has formed critically strong relationships with two ultra-high end production facilities in France (fabric and assembly) and Italy (embellishments). The owner’s gravitas and reputation within the industry has enabled these partnerships.

Marketing & Distribution: The brand follows in the footsteps of successful brands in the industry while creating its own creative direction and very strong image. These names started with retail stores in targeted areas to establish their image in the market and establish a dedicated clientele.

The owner has formed a critically strong advisory team with expertise across the board in design, production, marketing and the retail rollout of brands, along with expertise in raising capital and finance.

HopSkip – Restaurant Ordering App

There are approximately 111M food delivery app users in the US with 60% of them ordering delivery/takeout at least once a week. This is a tremendous market with significant opportunity and HopSkip focuses on a specific untapped niche.

HopSkip integrates directly with Square which 60-70% of all restaurants/establishments use as their POS system.

Hospitality is our priority!
Our fully built iOS app allows for customer ordering, seamless checkout, and real-time order status tracking.

Our integration with Square makes us an out of the box solution for any business using Square as their POS. Our integration utilizes multiple Square API’s in order to provide real time system updates of menu items, users, and orders. For non Square businesses we are working on a standalone solution that will not require any POS system. Our mobile applications would integrate with our stand alone until and increase our market potential. We would be able to utilize our technology in any business with no barriers or limitations. We have a partner portal for business to login and view their business analytics and customize their menu offering. The partner portal integrates with our core systems and is ready to sync client data within minutes if registering as a partner.

Tastes – Restaurant App

App designed to compete with Yelp and Foursquare.

Consolidated hub with special features no other restaurant app has.

With any listing we have, please feel free to place an offer by clicking the button below or emailing acquisitions@jarbly.com.


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