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Exiting Your Business Fast

Exiting Your Business Fast

Sometimes running a business is hard.

Sometimes someone wants out because they can’t do it anymore.



Work-Life Balance.

Other Obligations.

Personal Issues

Logistical Issues.

If this is the case you need to look at it from the lens of timelines.

Can you plot and plan strategically and wait several months to a year?

Or do you need to get out now?

Next, how much money do you need from the sale?

If you’re exiting because you need the money that places more strain obviously. If you’re exiting and want what you can get, that eases the burden of accepting the right offer. However, we have helped people exit fast for maximal value.

The longer you can wait generally the more you’ll get.

More advertisements. More offers. More time preparing materials and doing calls with prospects.

If you can’t wait, you have to be thinking in terms of reducing price below fair market value and even then.

The last thing we want is a firesale. But if you don’t have a good Stategy, good broker, and if your business isnt all that attractive you might have no choice but to resort to a quick sale that’s at a major reduction of price.

There are various factors when someone is buying.

And some of those factors might play against you in a quick sale.



Certain industries make a sale hard.

Others are easier.

Ecommerce dropship is rather simple to acquire.

A brick and mortar business with licensing is very hard.

If you need to get out it’s important to factor in the difficulties of starting your profession.

That will generally give an indication of how hard it is to acquire for someone else.

Also factor in is your business doing well or is it kind of going down.

Is your business more reliant on the owner and how will you help the new owner.

Our recommendation is to really lay out exactly how much time you have to be out and plan accordingly.

Sometimes it’s a matter of price, advertising, outreach. Other times it’s getting lucky with your list that someone’s in a buying decision at that time you’re selling.

Obviously there are a myriad of ways to increase the likelihood of selling fast. We have a lot of experience and we have a good amount of individuals inquiring that we feel confident we can sell your business fast.

Contact us if you need to sell your business fast.

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