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Phases of Our Web Development

Phases of Our Web Development

Phase 1: Discovery

This is where we do significant research to make sure we understand how to properly map out each step of the project and fit it according to the proper UI.

Phase 2: Database Connection and Creations

This phase is where we prep the website for more developed functionality by creating a database to store the information and for the front end of the website to reflect properly with dynamic updates and changes.

Phase 3: Initial Functionality Development

Once we align the website with your aesthetic preference, we will create the initial framework of the site and backend structure of WordPress. We will create the site with the appropriate structure and pages that are conducive to the content and site map.

Phase 4: API Development

Once we build the initial framework, we focus on the deeper developmental stages. This is where we will develop the various API’s and web hooks to integrate with the platform itself.

Phase 5: Aesthetic Development

After we complete the major part of the development, we dive into the finer details such as the aesthetic appeal. We will make sure all screens are proper and make sure all elements are accounted for, making sure all text functions and buttons work as described. We also dive into transitions and effects to ensure the site really pops and was prospects and customers to use our platform.

Phase 6: Revisionary Development and Testing

This is where you will be able to offer your feedback during the revisionary period. We will make sure the website has all your content on there, is loading fast, and we will make any corrections in a timely fashion to ensure you are satisfied.

Phase 7: Website Transfer

When you are fully satisfied with the site, we will prepare it for live transfer to your domain of choice. We will just need your hosting and website details in order to gain access. This process takes about 48-72 hours, so just provide us a few days of advanced notice.

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